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3D Profiling Scanner Offers WARP Speed Due To Proprietary Sensor Chip

Automation Technology (AT) has announced it recently developed its own sensor chip that makes the AT 3D sensors the fastest in the world in terms of their combination of resolution and speed. The reason for the extremely fast 3D scans is the on-chip processing of the CMOS chip: This recognizes the laser line and compresses it without loss using intelligent algorithms so that only relevant data is transmitted. As a result, the C6 3070 sensor achieves an unmatched 3D profile pixel rate of up to 128 megapixels, which corresponds to 128 million 3D dots per second.

The particular benefit for customers is the profile speed of up to 204 kHz. The so-called WARP speed enables up to ten times higher measurement speeds and therefore ten times faster 3D scans than with conventional sensors, which opens up completely new possibilities for the modular compact sensor series (MCS) from the North German technology company. The MCS is based on a modular system with different sensor, laser and link modules and can be put together individually thanks to the flexible configuration of triangulation angle and working distance, thus achieving a scan width, measuring accuracy and measuring speed optimized for the application.

The C6 3070 MCS sensor has been specially designed for applications such as road surface surveying. Thanks to its modular design, the sensor has a large field of view, which makes it possible to scan an entire road width. Furthermore, thanks to its high dynamic range, the sensor is able to scan the road surface at different speeds, so that neither motion blur nor different types of road surface pose a problem. The new C6 3070 MCS sensor also boasts an impressively high resolution of 3,072 profile points. The AT sensors also all work in master-slave mode, allowing synchronized and simultaneous operation of several sensors. And with the help of the ‘MetrologyPackage’ software, which is included free of charge, several sensors can be calibrated to each other in just a few minutes.

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