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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – October 16th

Read a summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

Mobile Scanner Set To Revolutionize 3D Scanning Data Capture

FARO has announce the release of the FARO Orbis Mobile Scanner, a groundbreaking advancement, set to redefine 3D reality capture. Orbis is a hybrid SLAM scanner that can be used for both mobile and stationary data capture in one device … read more

Next-Generation Nanomechanical Test System Launched

Bruker has announced the release of the Hysitron TI 990 TriboIndenter, which brings superior levels of performance, automation, and productivity to nanomechanical testing. TI 990 is a comprehensive advancement of Bruker’s industry‑leading TriboIndenter platform with new measurement modes … read more

New 3D Camera Brings Color Into Space

With Ensenso C, IDS presents a stereo vision camera that not only generates 3D point clouds, but also delivers 2D images in color (RGB) due to an additionally integrated image sensor. This enables realistic 3D images and supports subsequent processes … read more

High Precision Miniature Scara Robot Launched

Mecademic has announced the formal launch of its new product line, the MicroDASH series, with the first shipments of its MCS500 SCARA. This innovative 4-axis robot offers unmatched space efficiency, precision, and integration flexibility to accelerate the automation of small component design, inspection, and assembly … read more

The Core Technologies Necessary to Develop a Smart Manufacturing Strategy

The manufacturing industry is undergoing a profound transformation driven by technological advancements. The era of smart manufacturing, referred to as Industry 4.0, promises to revolutionize traditional manufacturing processes by integrating cutting-edge technologies. Companies need to adopt … read more

Multiple Camera System Provides Aerospace Bushings 100% Inspection

General Inspection has installed a Gi-100DT inspection system in California, for a manufacturer of precision aerospace bushings.  The Gi-100DT is equipped with a total of 6 cameras providing complete dimensional inspection, internal and external visual defect detection, top and bottom surface inspection … read more

ABB Launches OptiFact To Unlock Full Factory Data Potential

ABB Robotics has released its new modular OptiFact software platform, which streamlines data collection, visualization, and analysis in automated production facilities. The platform enables users to collect, manage, and analyze data from hundreds of devices … read more

New Smart Sensor Offers Web Edge Control For Quality Control

The new Baumer sensor class OX series enables effortless quality control and positioning solutions. Using profile analysis, the smart 2D profile OX series sensors can now solve a variety of previously challenging positioning and inspection tasks in assembly and handling more economically … read more

Probing Solution Provides Coordinate and Gear Measurement Flexibility

REINTJES has been a specialist in the manufacture of marine gears since 1929, and now also manufactures complete drive systems, hybrid solutions and industrial gears. In order to be even better positioned for the quality assurance of large-volume gears in the future REINTJES has ordered measuring machines from WENZEL … read more

Latest Software Release Adds Defect Detection To GelSight Mobile

GelSight, a pioneer in tactile intelligence technology, has announced the release of its GelSight Mobile 3.5 software package, with new automated functionality and improved ease of use for GelSight Mobile systems. GelSight Mobile 3.5 significantly streamlines users’ workflows with automated defect detection … read more

Inductive Ring Sensors Set New Standards for Reliable and Precise Detection

Wenglor sensoric group inductive ring sensors set new standards for reliable and precise detection of small metal parts within feed hoses. In addition to sensor precision, the ring sensors impress in particular due to the separable housing, which enables the sensor to be mounted and removed from the hose quickly … read more

QSort Quality Inspection Solution Provides Defect Sorting 80 Times Faster

QualiSense customers now have exclusive access to QSort — a new application that allows for an even faster implementation of quality inspection systems. The augmented AI expert’s new application allows users to automatically sort huge amounts of untagged data quickly and efficiently to facilitate in AI model creation … read more

Traditional 3D Measurements No Longer Offered The Right Level of Performance

Ålö Agricultural Machinery needed a reliable and efficient solution for conducting detailed 3D scanning of its machinery, particularly focusing on the primary machine and mechanical parts. The goal was to analyze part dimensions and deviations … read more

Marposs Introduce STIL Micromeasure 2 3D Noncontact Surface Measurement System

Marposs has announced the latest addition to its highly successful line of Industry 4.0 metrology solutions, the STIL Micromeasure 2 3D measuring system. The high-performance 3D measurement system is ideal for noncontact surface measurement, providing exceptional performance across a wide range of metrology uses … read more