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New Smart Sensor Offers Web Edge Control For Quality Control

The new Baumer sensor class OX series enables effortless quality control and positioning solutions. Using profile analysis, the smart 2D profile OX series sensors can now solve a variety of previously challenging positioning and inspection tasks in assembly and handling more economically.

The integrated tools can be parameterized directly via the intuitive web interface. The compact housing and Power-over-Ethernet enable easy integration. Combined with a precision of up to 5 micrometers, the OX series thus opens up new possibilities for reliable and precise solutions. With the new sensor class, sensor specialist Baumer is once again expanding its broad product portfolio for assembly and handling.

Smart Solution For Quality Control and Robot Positioning

The smart 2D profile sensors of the OX series can be used wherever OK/NOK inspections or positioning tasks are possible via the evaluation of height information. A comprehensive set of tools enables complete pro-cessing of the profile data directly in the smart sensor. Without any further external steps, it transmits the X/Z position value to the controller with a precision of up to 5 µm. The OX series thus opens up cost-efficient solutions in quality control, web edge control and robot positioning. The new sensor class is compact, lightweight and can be connected with just one cable thanks to Power-over-Ethernet (PoE). The OX series is suitable for height checks of assembly parts, control and positioning tasks in robotics – such as position checks of feeder parts for pick-and-place applications or gap checks in car body construction.

Easy Operation Via Web Interface

The smart profile sensors excel by their simple operability via the integrated web interface. There, up to seven measuring tools can be freely configured with graphical support. Another advantage is the live visualization of the measurement tasks in the web interface. Settings in the sensor can be checked, adjusted and optimized directly. Measuring ranges up to 500 mm with a field of view up to 300 mm ensure design freedom for numerous applications.

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