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Inductive Ring Sensors Set New Standards for Reliable and Precise Detection

Wenglor sensoric group inductive ring sensors set new standards for reliable and precise detection of small metal parts within feed hoses. In addition to sensor precision, the ring sensors impress in particular due to the separable housing, which enables the sensor to be mounted and removed from the hose quickly and flexibly and ensures reliable detection of all metal objects.

In assembly and feeding technology, fasteners such as screws, nuts and rivets are automatically conveyed, sorted and separated by feeding systems. These are supplied to the screw system via feed hoses by compressed air. Inductive ring sensors mounted on the hose detect metal parts as small as 2.5 mm at high speed. The separable housing enables easy assembly and disassembly. The presence of the parts is visualized by all-round lighting.

Wenglor’s inductive ring sensors reliably detect metal objects at any point within the ring-shaped opening. The separable housing with two-part coil makes the installation process of the sensor on the hose much easier. Consequently, machine downtime can also be minimized when replacing hoses or during repairs. The portfolio includes both dynamic and static ring sensors. The dynamic functional principle captures small fast moving parts, such as rivets. Static ring sensors also detect objects inside the ring for jam checks.

Robust Soft Binder Enables Safe and Flexible Use

A flexible soft-binder on the sensor ensures simple and secure mounting on hoses of different sizes. This ensures stable fixing without hose deformation even in demanding environments with heavy vibrations, strong magnetic fields or compressed air. The soft binder also prevents the hose from tapering. Loss protection and the re-openable closure of the soft binder enable it to be reused multiple times

High Ease of Use When Working on Feed Hoses

Another advantage of the sensor is the cable outlet in the hose direction, which makes the sensors ideally suited even in confined spaces. The parallel cable outlet in the hose direction also helps to prevent obstruction of the system design and kinking of the cable. The status and switching status of the inductive ring sensors can be detected regardless of the installation position thanks to the all-round visible LED display. They are easily commissioned via Plug & Play and can be operated flexibly via IO-Link, and parameters and process data can be read out and processed reliably.

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