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Probing Solution Provides Coordinate and Gear Measurement Flexibility

REINTJES GmbH has been a specialist in the manufacture of marine gears since 1929, and now also manufactures complete drive systems, hybrid solutions and industrial gears.

In order to be even better positioned for the quality assurance of large-volume gears in the future, REINTJES has ordered a GT 1200 gear measuring machine from WENZEL and also an LHF 3017 gantry coordinate measuring machine. The LHF will be used to measure cubic components such as gear housings. At the same time, the CMM offers a flexible fallback option so that it can also be used to measure gear geometries when the GT 1200 gear measuring machine is at full measurement capacity.

Usually gears are measured on gear measuring machines using a rotary table, such as with the Wenzel GT series. With the newly designed 8-fold star probe system available with the Renishaw SP80 scanning probe from Renishaw, WENZEL has created the possibility to carry out precise gear measurements also on its bridge and gantry measuring machines with rigid probe systems without a rotary table and to evaluate them according to DIN 3960 / 3962 or also free tolerances.

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