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Latest Software Release Adds Defect Detection To GelSight Mobile

GelSight, a pioneer in tactile intelligence technology, has announced the release of its GelSight Mobile 3.5 software package, with new automated functionality and improved ease of use for GelSight Mobile systems. GelSight Mobile 3.5 significantly streamlines users’ workflows with an improved user interface, automated defect detection, line selection tool improvements, and new capabilities that simplify surface inspection.

GelSight Mobile 3.5 improves the efficiency and throughput of measurements captured by the portable GelSight Mobile system with automated defect detection. While defect detection processes have typically required multiple steps, the new defect detection feature offers GelSight Mobile users faster analysis with more detailed information on defects like dents, scratches, and pits in a single step. Other new features such as magnetic lines and rotating rectangles also make it easier for users to select, measure, and analyze defects within specific regions of interest. Additionally, GelSight Mobile’s pit detection capabilities have been updated to display 16 different colors, helping users easily connect the pit location in a scan to the pit measurement.

Pit Inspection

“GelSight is constantly looking for ways to make our systems easier to use while yielding more vital information about surface defects. Line workers and engineers alike will benefit from the tools in GelSight Mobile 3.5, with improved productivity through user interface changes and the new defect detection capability,” said Dennis Lang, Chief Business Officer at GelSight. “This software update to GelSight Mobile makes it easier to use our most popular tools and functions, giving users more options and speeding up their measurements, while still providing the most detailed and accurate information possible.”

Defect Detection

GelSight Mobile offers a superhuman touch sensor with micron-level resolution that provides metrologists and inspectors with data-driven insights on surface characteristics that allow them to make more informed decisions. With this software release, GelSight is simplifying the digital inspection of any surface, regardless of material type or reflectivity, by making insights on defects available with a single click of a button.

“Based on direct feedback from customers, we’ve made significant improvements to the GelSight Mobile user interface and added new functionalities that streamline users’ workflows,” said Youssef Benmokhtar, CEO at GelSight. “With this additional level of automation, GelSight Mobile 3.5 is making it easier for customers to digitize previously manual processes to improve efficiency and mitigate human error in crucial inspection processes across industries from aerospace, to automotive, and beyond.”

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