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New 3D Camera Brings Color Into Space

With Ensenso C, IDS presents a stereo vision camera that not only generates 3D point clouds, but also delivers 2D images in color (RGB) due to an additionally integrated image sensor. This enables realistic 3D images and supports subsequent processes such as when the images are to be further processed to perform sorting tasks.

The Ensenso C compact housing is completely enclosed and complies with protection class IP65/67 reliably protecting the sensor components from environmental influences and vibrations. In addition, the camera is delivered pre-configured and is thereby ready-to-use. Ensenso C is suitable for the automation of many industrial processes, such as in quality control, on assembly lines or for picking tasks.

Initially, the 3D camera is available with a baseline of approx. 240 mm; additional models with a baseline of approximately 455 mm will be added to the sensor range. The combination of powerful 200W projector power and the high resolution of 5 MP, the camera delivers precise data even in large-volume applications. With the large baseline and small field of view, the models achieve a reproducible Z-accuracy of 0.2 mm at 2 m object distance. Moreover, the camera is designed in such a way that temperature-related deviations of the depth values are reduced to a minimum: Deviations at 30 cm distance at 10°C temperature change less than 0.075 mm, for example. A diffused white light LED also supports with 2D color imaging in applications with changing ambient light conditions.

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