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Divergent Technologies Acquires AM Software and IP from Sigma Additive Solutions

Divergent Technologies, Inc. (Divergent), inventor of the Divergent Adaptive Production System (DAPS) and parent company of the performance automotive company CZV, Inc. (Czinger Vehicles) has announced that it has entered into an agreement to purchase from Sigma Additive Solutions, Inc. (Sigma) all of its in-process quality assurance technology suite assets, including all associated software and intellectual property.

Sigma is a leading provider of in-process quality assurance solutions to the additive manufacturing industry. The acquisition of this technology by Divergent will further enhance the efficiency and quality control of DAPS while strengthening the company’s IP coverage in the critical technology area of in-process monitoring.

DAPS, invented and developed by Divergent, is a complete software-hardware production system created to replace traditional design and manufacturing solutions. Given a set of requirements as inputs, DAPS uses AI driven generative design software to computationally engineer structures, novel materials and additive manufacturing to materialize structures, and automated fixtureless assembly to create multi-part assemblies. The system moves seamlessly between manufacturing different structures such as automotive chassis and aircraft fuselages zero downtime between builds. The factory’s hardware is product agnostic and entirely software defined.

Divergent uses this revolutionary system to supply the automotive, aerospace and defense industries with next generation products as a certified Tier 1 supplier. Its customers include more than seven blue-chip automotive customers, including Aston Martin. Within the aerospace and defense industry, Divergent is actively working with six U.S. government contractors across a diverse range of applications.

Divergent’s acquisition of Sigma’s in-process quality assurance (IPQA) tools, including all associated software and IP, enables Divergent to seamlessly integrate Sigma’s technology into the DAPS software platform while building on Sigma’s foundational patents. Additional benefits to Divergent include:

Direct manufacturing cost savings through improved production yields;

➤ Expedited production timelines and streamlined manufacturing qualification and certification through increased visibility into live manufacturing conditions and as-printed part characteristics;

➤ Accelerated development of new materials through enhanced parameter measurement and control; and

➤ Increased customer adoption in safety-critical and mission-critical applications, enabled by enhanced in-situ monitoring and control.

Lukas Czinger, COO and Co-Founder of Divergent and Czinger Vehicles, said: “This strategic acquisition is of great significance as Divergent deploys DAPS structures across the automotive, aerospace, and defense industries. Sigma’s foundational IP centered on in-process monitoring will be integrated into and expanded on within the Divergent portfolio. The core software will be seamlessly applied to our additive manufacturing module and will further enhance Divergent’s industry leading additive manufacturing quality management system. Ultimately, this acquisition further supports our confidence in suppling structures for safety-critical and mission-critical applications.”

“We have found a great home for Sigma’s technology and are extremely excited to see Divergent build on the foundational work from Sigma in connection with the DAPS platform. This is a significant step forward for digital manufacturing quality” added Jacob Brunsberg, CEO of Sigma Additive Solutions.

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