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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – May 15th

Read a summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

Automated Metrology – Moving from Bottleneck to Productivity

As the demand for precision manufacturing continues to rise, automated metrology systems are emerging as a game-changer in the industry. With the ability to streamline inspection processes and reduce bottlenecks, these systems are quickly transitioning from a luxury to a necessity for manufacturers looking to improve productivity and efficiency … read more

AI-Controlled Robots Process Individual Vehicle Paint Quality

BMW Group Plant Regensburg has become the auto industry’s first plant worldwide to use an end-to-end digitalised and automated process for inspection, processing and marking of painted vehicle surfaces in standard production. In an innovative new approach, AI-controlled robots process each vehicle individually … read more

Quality 4.0: Embracing Digital Transformation for Enhanced Quality

In the era of Industry 4.0, where automation, data analytics, and connectivity are revolutionizing traditional manufacturing and business processes, quality control is also undergoing a profound transformation. Quality 4.0 refers to the strategic integration of digital technologies to improve and optimize … read more

Machine Tool Measurement Assures Quality On Custom Machine

F. Zimmermann GmbH’s aerospace industry customer tasked them to develop a bespoke portal milling machine to manufacture complex titanium suspensions for aeroplane control surfaces. The new system needs to handle the programming of production paths, all milling operations and on-machine component inspections. In taking on the challenge, Zimmermann chose Hexagon’s … read more

What Is The Future of Reverse Engineering?

Over the last few decades, reverse engineering has become an essential part of product design and production processes used by manufacturers all over the globe. From aerospace to automotive to everyday consumer goods, industrial engineers and product designers rely on reverse engineering when replicating a legacy part without documentation or drawings, analyzing … read more

EV Battery Insights Powered by Dragonfly

During this year’s Control show, Comet Yxlon introduced its new automatic analysis software for batteries to the market. The rise of e-mobility has propelled the battery market into enormous growth in recent years, with no end in sight. In the same proportion, demand is increasing for inspection technologies … read more

Unlocking Quality Control Excellence: How to Launch a Digital Twin

Introduction: In today’s fast-paced and competitive business landscape, maintaining impeccable quality control is crucial for organizations across industries. To stay ahead, many forward-thinking companies are turning to digital twin technology. A digital twin is a virtual replica of a physical product, process, or system that enables real-time monitoring, analysis, and … read more

World’s Most Modern Press Shop Applies a ‘Little Magic’ To Scanning

Smart Press Shop GmbH & Co. KG (SPS) was founded in 2019 as a greenfield project by Porsche AG and the Schuler Group. The aim of the joint venture is, among other things, to significantly increase the level of automation and digitization in the production of press parts through efficient … read more

World’s Largest Fusion Reactor Gets Perfectly Fitting Parts

Fusion is the process by which all the stars in the universe shine – and it could be the answer to the mounting energy problems on Earth. Achieving fusion is one of the most sought-after technological goals because it could yield huge quantities of carbon-free energy … read more

Cylinder Coordinate Measuring Machines Designed For Production

The Mahr cylinder coordinate measuring machines of the Mar4D PLQ 4200 product line ensure a wide range of applications thanks to workpiece flexibility and multisensor technology. They operate at high speed and precision for fast and reliable measurement results. The Mar4D PLQ 4200 offers a powerful measuring solution … read more

Highest Resolution Mobile Surface Characterization Tool Launched

GelSight, a pioneer in tactile intelligence technology, has announced the launch of its new premium digital mobile metrology device, the GelSight Max. GelSight Max allows users to capture high-resolution 2D images and 3D digital surface maps in milliseconds … read more

Voice-Enabled Robot Programming and Control Application Launched

The Innovation team at Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe has announced that it has launched the worldwide availability of CoboVox, a cutting-edge voice-enabled programming and control application for robots—an industry first. Certified by Universal Robots and compatible with most end effectors, CoboVox is an intuitive … read more

SICK Supports Manufacturing-X and Digital Twin Generation

At the recent Hanover Fair SICK AG announced that it will provide standardized information from over 40,000 SICK sensors in the form of Asset Administration Shells (AAS) to customers and partners, free of charge. In doing so, SICK is demonstrating its aspiration to contribute significantly to the advancement … read more

Surface Inspection System For Glass Fiber Production Launched

AMETEK Surface Vision, a leading automated surface inspection partner for fast and accurate materials checking, has developed its surface inspection systems for glass fiber production. Glass fiber is a synthetic material consisting of numerous, extremely fine fibers of glass. It is a unique industrial textile material, strong and versatile … read more

Metrology Grade 3D Scanner Provides Freedom-to-Measure

At the Control 2023 Expo API introduced its next generation of iScan3D Laser Scanner featuring improved optics and blue crossed laser lines for fast and accurate metrology grade point cloud generation. API has launched the thoroughly reengineered version of iScan3D hand-held metrology grade 3D scanner … read more

Overcoming Challenges Inspecting Highly Reflective Moving Parts

Quality Assurance (QA) is an essential step of every manufacturing process — by ensuring parts are made to specifications, manufacturers can avoid the notorious costs associated with defective products. However, inspecting highly reflective moving parts has historically been challenging for traditional machine vision solutions … read more