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Cylinder Coordinate Measuring Machines Designed For Production

The cylinder coordinate measuring machines of the Mar4D PLQ 4200 product line ensure a wide range of applications thanks to workpiece flexibility and multisensor technology. They operate at high speed and precision for fast and reliable measurement results.

The Mar4D PLQ 4200 from Mahr offers customers a powerful measuring solution for complex rotationally symmetrical workpieces with a diameter up to 200 mm, length up to 1,000 mm and maximum weight of 50 kg. The extremely robust design ensures 3D measurements
directly in production for shorter throughput times, increased flow rate and improved productivity. With its specially developed control architecture, the machine works quickly and with optimum axis accuracy overall, even with small tolerances.

One Measurement Run – Several Measurement Tasks

The multisensor technology is composed of optical and tactile metrology and covers a wide range of dimensional measuring tasks. This allows users to inspect several features such as length, diameter, form, position, contour, roundness, roughness or 3D geometries, such as
symmetry, in just one measuring run – close to production and reproducible in one system. Inside measurements are also possible using the T7W tactile form probe system. This combination of optical and tactile shaft measuring machine and classic form tester technology is unique worldwide.

Fully Automatic Centering and Tilting Table

At Control 2023, Mahr exhibited  the Mar4D PLQ 4200-T4 model with a specially developed, fully automatic centering and tilting table. This aligns workpieces that are not manufactured and measured between centers in the shortest possible time and with micrometer accuracy. This method ensures maximum measuring accuracy and is far superior to the purely mathematical correction of alignment errors. For example, correcting an alignment error of 4 mm to 1 µm takes only 30 seconds.

Equipped For Process Stability

The Mar4D PLQ 4200 convinces with further equipment features:

  • A motorized tailstock with clamping force monitoring to ensure fast fixing and alignment of the workpieces without operator influence.
  • Monitoring systems in the machine detect and compensate for external influences such as temperature and vibration in real time.
  • A well thought-out ergonomic and safety concept brings a high level of user-friendliness.
  • The proven MarWin software reliably evaluates the measurement data and thus ensures reproducible quality statements.

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