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VisiConsult Launches EV Battery Inspection Business Unit

The development and production of batteries for electric vehicles (EVs) has grown strongly and will in all likelihood continue to develop very dynamically in the coming years. As a leading specialist for X-ray inspection systems, VisiConsult X-ray Systems & Solutions GmbH, has recognized the importance of sustainability in this industry and is launching a new business unit called VCbattery as a result of its recent partnership with diondo.

The battery is probably the most important component for manufacturers of e-cars and therefore quality inspection of each individual battery is essential to minimize production waste. Thanks to X-ray imaging, whole cells, modules, as well as battery systems can be analyzed 100%. 

When an automotive manufacturer requires an inspection time of two seconds per cell for approximately 17 million cells per year, there is one company that thinks nothing is impossible. VisiConsult X-ray Systems & Solutions GmbH is a leading supplier of custom industrial X-ray inspection systems and has been able to continue to rapidly grow and achieve a great deal in recent years. One key area of growth has been the ownership stake diondo, a leading innovator in the product and design of industrial CT systems. By combining the portfolios of both companies, VisiConsult will be able to offer customized inspection solutions for all customer segments in the battery world. In order to create maximum added value for customers in the field of battery inspection, the new business unit called VCbattery has been created.  

The new business unit will be led by industry veteran. Bernhard Mürkens who brings more than 20 years of X-ray experience and in his last role was responsible for the successful business development in specific market segments, such as the electronics market and in the last 2-3 years for the fast-growing EV battery market.  

With this experience and as Head of Business Unit Battery Inspection, Bernhard Mürkens knows the inspection requirements in the EV battery market: “The materials used in batteries for e-cars are scarce, expensive and should be handled prudently from an environmental point of view. In addition, the biggest challenge is to provide safe batteries that do not burn out in use. When I learned about VisiConsult’s majority acquisition of diondo, I knew with the combined resources of these two innovative companies, we would have a great opportunity in the EV market. I’m excited that we can offer EV manufacturers a portfolio of testing equipment that will help reduce production waste, improves product quality toward true sustainability, and overall ensure that batteries are safe for EV users.” 

That’s because batteries can be examined with X-rays along the entire value chain, from development to production to recycling. Lennart Schulenburg, Managing Director at VisiConsult, promises, “We will also offer a comprehensive portfolio for the EV battery market that goes beyond X-ray systems from the outset. For example, our customers are already using our Xray as a Service model, which eliminates the need to invest in a system and only pays per inspection.”

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