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World’s Most Modern Press Shop Applies a ‘Little Magic’ To Part Scanning Process

Smart Press Shop GmbH & Co. KG (SPS) was founded in 2019 as a greenfield project by Porsche AG and the Schuler Group. The aim of the joint venture is, among other things, to significantly increase the level of automation and digitization in the production of press parts through efficient and flexible manufacturing methods.

Since 2021, the production of press parts has been running in what is currently regarded as the world’s most modern press shop capable of producing high-quality car body parts for all car manufacturers. Due to the high level of automation, even small batches are produced economically.

Production In The Digital Age

All process steps from goods receipt to forming in the press line to delivery to the customer are recorded digitally. SPS can use the evaluated production data specifically to optimize the manufacturing processes. This includes reliable production monitoring and intelligent production control.

Digital Twins For All Pressed Parts

The quality of the pressed parts is validated in the measuring center. For this purpose, the manufactured pressed parts are measured optically by means of 3D scanning and the digital twins are compared with the original CAD data. Here, it is important to act in a goal-oriented manner and to constantly discover and integrate new potential for improvement. This includes, among other things, the improvement and optimization of the 3D scanning process by sublimating scanning sprays.

Process Optimization In The Measuring Room – Scanning Spray For Faster Measuring Processes

Optimum scanning conditions are required in order to perfectly capture and digitize the pressed parts. As long as the surfaces of the pressed metal parts are shiny, it is hardly possible to capture the entire surface, as the scanner light is reflected by the surface. To prevent reflections, the components are first matted with a scanning spray. The Smart Press Shop uses the AESUB scanning spray. When applied, the spray creates an extremely thin white layer of temporary coating and thus optimal condition for 3D scanning.

Better Measuring Results Without Additional Effort

A major advantage of the AESUB scanning spray is that it evaporates completely and that the component therefore does not have to be cleaned after scanning. This also significantly simplifies handling in the SPS measuring room. This is because the parts can be sprayed directly in the measuring cell. There is no risk of damaging sensitive equipment. Additional extraction systems are also not required, as the sublimating AESUB scanning sprays do not contain any pigments.

“Spraying is integrated into normal handling processes without any noticeable time expenditure. It takes only a few seconds,” explains Anja Zyla, team leader in the metrology department at SPS. The part is placed, sprayed and scanned. If the part corresponds to the specified CAD data, it can be returned to the production process or delivered to the customer directly after measurement – without being cleaned. This means less logistics, less transport, faster process flows. A time saving that is clearly noticeable at SPS.

If conventional, non-sublimating sprays were used, the part would have to be cleaned or disposed of at great expense. ” The time saved by using AESUB at SPS is enormous,” says Anja Zyla. The entire measurement process becomes more reliable thanks to the meaningful results, and handling is easier. With AESUB, more parts are measured in less time. “Time is money and, in the end, it is machine hours that we can compensate with AESUB. Without any extra effort, we have a better measurement result,” adds Anja Zyla, “AESUB is our little magic in the Smart Press Shop.”

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