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ZEISS Introduces Compact CMM for Precise Measurement of Large Volume Parts

ZEISS has launched the ZEISS MMZ 1 table CMM, designed specifically for large workpieces and applications that require highly accurate contact measurements. This machine excels in evaluating size, form, and location measurements with exceptional precision. Equipped with the ZEISS VAST XT gold probe head mounted on a silicon carbide ram, the ZEISS MMZ 1 offers enhanced temperature stability.

Robust Design for Optimal Performance

The ZEISS MMZ 1 features a design that provides a clear view of the measurement volume, ensuring high repeatability through large material cross-sections and extensive bearing distances. It can accurately measure large workpieces weighing up to 5 tons with a precision of 3.6 + L/250 µm. The Y guideways, made of granite, are protected by bellows to increase resistance to dust and dirt. Additionally, the table’s user-friendly height allows for easy loading from the front, back, side, and top, ensuring smooth operation throughout the process.

Available in two sizes—2000 mm/3000 mm/1500 mm and 2000 mm/4000 mm/1500 mm—the ZEISS MMZ 1 comes standard with a pneumatic isolation system. This feature eliminates the need for an expensive foundation while supporting a maximum workpiece load of 5 tons.

CALYPSO VAST Navigator & Performance Package

The CALYPSO VAST navigator software enhances calibration speed, approach, and scanning accuracy, leading to faster measurements and improved performance. The ZEISS VAST performance package includes FlyScan and QuickChange functions, which significantly boost productivity by shortening travel paths and reducing measurement time by up to 40%, while also accelerating the automatic changeout of measuring styles by up to 60%.

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