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Screw Manufacturer Eliminates Errors With Installation of Optical Inspection Systems

One of the largest construction screw manufacturers in the USA has added multiple VisionLab 3D Fastener Gauging Systems from General Inspection to streamline their first part inspection processes.  Locations in Illinois and Kentucky are utilizing VisionLabs to measure all pertinent features on construction, concrete, and drywall screws for greater accuracy and significant time savings.

VisionLab uses General Inspection’s patented 3D gauging technology to provide complete part dimensional layouts in less than 5 seconds. The machine can perform 360⁰ dimensional inspection with detailed data reporting, plus options to provide 360⁰ visual defect detection, end view inspection, and measure recess depth plus recess concentricity.

The screw manufacturer’s goal was to reduce inspection time, improve quality, and cut down on calibration costs by replacing multiple manual gauges, such as micrometers, calipers, and optical comparators. Visionlab completes first-piece inspections in a fraction of the time allowing employees to concentrate on production tasks instead of measuring parts.

Production has significantly increased; errors have been eliminated and the company is able to measure with greater frequency. All dimensions: including hi/low threads, lengths, diameters, radii, angles, and GD&T features are measured and displayed with a pass/fail indication. Custom data reports are created and saved as CSV or Excel files. This saves time and money plus drastically improves quality by accurately measuring parts within two microns. Part feature tolerances are assigned with the appropriate part number and stored in memory for quick recall.

The VisionLab system is a versatile, accurate and fast inspection machine capable of handling a wide range of applications.

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