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Powerful Portable Surface Texture Gage Software Introduced

Most portable surface texture gages show you a number, or maybe a tiny image of the trace but what if you are ready to do more with your gage? Digital Metrology’s new TraceBoss software takes portable surface texture gages to the next level.

TraceBoss interfaces instantly with most handheld surface finish gages to let users visualize data on a full screen along with all of the parameters that count. TraceBoss simple interface is designed for fast production measurements and to help see, save, and understand measured surfaces. High visibility colors make it easy to interpret results, even in a bright production environment. Users can also add a picture to indicate the measurement location.

Save The Data

Tracking a process requires data that you can compare over time. But with most standard portable gages, once users take a measurement that data is gone. With TraceBoss users can save every measurement, then recall it later with a single click, output numerical results for SPC, capture the measurement screen as a PDF, or save the entire measurement to open again later in TraceBoss.

Track All Common Parameters

TraceBoss calculates all common parameters and presents them in a single screen. Uers can set parameter tolerances to allow viewing at a glance whether a measurement passes or fails. TraceBoss displays the material ratio or material probability curve side-by-side with measurement data. The display helps to quickly understand the relationship between the Rk/Rq parameters and the peaks and valleys they describe along with instantly connecting the Rvk results to the measured surface.

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