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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – October 23rd

Read a summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

K-BOX Brings Hybrid Machine Vision Solution To Any Robot

Smart visual inspection company has announced the introduction of its K-BOX line of cost-effective machine vision systems that combine AI, 3D imaging, and intelligent robotic planning technologies to solve demanding inspection applications … read more

New Standard For Turbine Disk Inspection & Measurement

The process of manufacturing turbine and compressor disk fir-tree slots and root forms with broaching, milling, or wire cutting results in parts with complex geometries and tight tolerances that are usually difficult and time-consuming to verify … read more

The Power of Predictive Quality: Unlocking the Future of Excellence

In today’s fast-paced and data-driven world, the concept of predictive quality has emerged as a game-changer for businesses and industries across the board. Predictive quality is not merely a buzzword but a transformative approach that leverages data, technology, and advanced analytics to foresee and prevent quality issues … read more

Data is The Foundation of The Digital Manufacturing Enterprise

In today’s rapidly evolving industrial landscape, the role of data in manufacturing has undergone a paradigm shift. The traditional manufacturing model, which relied heavily on manual processes and human expertise, has given way to the Digital Manufacturing Enterprise (DME). At the heart of this transformation lies data … read more

The Shift Log Goes Digital With Shopfloor Operations Management Solution

When an unexpected downtime occurs, it is no surprise that operators often have other things on their mind than recording the precise cause in the shift log. But this is really important to prevent repeated incidents in future. The latest application in the Digital Suite … read more

One Million CMM Data Points Per Month Uploaded To Quality Management Software

UMC is a manufacturer of high-precision components for medical device, aerospace, and defense applications. The products are complex, with 100 — 800 features per product. With 1factory, UMC successfully consolidated five separate QC systems into one. Today, data is automatically uploaded from twenty CMMs and eight VCMMs … read more

AIQualify Project To Develop Easier and Systematic Qualification of AI Applications

A new software framework is to make it easier for companies to approve or audit applications based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). The framework is being jointly developed by Fraunhofer IPA in conjunction with the Institute of Industrial Manufacturing and Management IFF at the University of Stuttgart as part of the … read more

Connected Quality Solution Extending Quality Management to the Factory Floor

ETQ, part of Hexagon, and Augmentir, the world’s leading connected worker solution provider, has launched the ETQ Reliance Connected Worker solution to make the connected frontline worker (CFW) on the factory floor a key part of the quality management process … read more

Vision System Enhances Measurement Productivity With Technological Advancements

Mitutoyo America Corporation has announces new enhancements to its Vision Pro vision measurement system line. Mitutoyo’s recent introduction of the QV Vision Pro Series has set the stage for the future of vision measurement with several new features. The StrobeSnap vision measuring function speeds up quality run time … read more

Smart Camera Provides Quality Inspection During Forming Processes

The evoVIU is an all-in-one image processing system for quality control, code reading and detection of any kind. The mix of hardware and software enables uncomplicated integration into existing production equipment and  processes … read more

Indian Cobot Manufacturer Showcases Tactile Sensor Robotic CMM

Earlier this year Svaya Robotics debuted a complete range of Cobots designed and manufactured in India. Svaya Robotics has demonstrated new applications and new possibilities at exhibition events including a Cobot Touch Probe CMM … read more

CMM Investment Eliminates Human Error From Manufacturing Process

Don Whitley Scientific (DWS) has announced significant investment in new measuring equipment to further ensure product quality for years to come. DWS made the decision to invest in a CMM that measures the geometries of physical objects in order to bring more control, quality and manufacturing flexibility … read more

Updated AI Software Brings Innovative Features To Artec Leo

Artec 3D has released an update that enhances the functionality of its wireless, AI-powered Artec Leo 3D scanner. Artec 3D remains committed to improving its offering by rolling out upgrades that enhance users’ devices long after purchase … read more

Deep Learning Used To Objectively Classify Steel Materials

Rolling bearings are installed wherever an object is in rotation. The wide range of applications extends from large wind turbines to small electric toothbrushes. These bearings, which consist of steel components, must be carefully selected and tested … read more