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Updated AI Software Brings Innovative New Features To Artec Leo

Artec 3D has released an update that enhances the functionality of its wireless, AI-powered Artec Leo 3D scanner. Artec 3D remains committed to improving its offering year-on-year, not only by launching new 3D scanners, but rolling out upgrades that enhance users’ devices long after purchase.

Leo’s unique cable-free design, complete with a built-in display and rapid high resolution data capture capabilities, continues to make it the state-of-the-art in 3D scanning. Unlike many other handheld 3D scanner, the device also features an onboard processor that allows users to install updates wirelessly, and seamlessly take advantage of new features.

AI Recovers More Surface Data From Captured Frames

Free to all users, software update version 1.8 brings HD previews to Leo’s display, via a new mode that utilizes AI to recover more surface data from captured frames. Particularly useful for digitizing dark or shiny surfaces, this makes it much easier to ensure you’ve got all the data you need, and further improves Leo scanning intuitiveness.

Leo’s interface has also been improved across the board. Users no longer need to go through menus to change brightness, texture, flash, or resolution – these settings are instantly accessible during data capture.

As well as making scanning more intuitive, the update brings other improvements users will notice during everyday usage. At its core, Leo has been recalibrated for enhanced precision and following a reboot, it now notifies users that it has already warmed up – a key feature for areas like industrial metrology where temperature impacts results.

Elsewhere, Leo now asks users to enter their Artec Studio version upon first boot-up, to maximize compatibility and ensure best possible results. The update also brings minor fixes to UI and target cloud issues, enhancing the overall user experience.

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