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CMM Investment Eliminates Human Error From Manufacturing Process

Don Whitley Scientific (DWS) has announced significant investment in new measuring equipment to further ensure product quality for years to come. DWS made the decision to invest in a CMM (coordinate measuring machine) that measures the geometries of physical objects in order to bring more control, quality and manufacturing flexibility in-house.

The LK Metrology computer-controlled measuring equipment has now been installed at DWS premises in West Yorkshire, UK, enabling measurements to be checked accurately to 1.3 microns. Why is this important? So that every nut, bolt and washer integrates perfectly as designed and ensures that Whitley Workstations will stand the test of time and the rigours of usage, prolonging the life of every customer’s investment. The new equipment has allowed DWS to abandon paper schematics and move to using digital files, eliminating human error from the manufacturing process. This data, with proven accuracy, is used by everyone performing different tasks throughout the manufacturing process.

Fergus Murray, Product Engineering Director at DWS, commented, “When we say our products are quality, we really mean that – and do everything to ensure we can stand by that claim. This includes significant investment over the last 10 years to create self-sufficiency in the manufacture of many of the small parts that make up Whitley products.”

Fergus added, “We can now better regulate the quality and precision of even the smallest assemblies that make up what we know is an important piece of equipment in a laboratory – equipment that needs to run 24/7.”

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