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One Million CMM Data Points Per Month Uploaded To Quality Management Software

UMC is a manufacturer of high-precision components for medical device, aerospace, and defense applications. The products are complex, with 100 — 800 features per product.

With 1factory, UMC successfully consolidated five separate QC systems into one. Today, data is automatically uploaded from twenty CMMs and eight VCMMs, 24 hours a day. Over one million measurements are recorded in 1factory each month.

Auto-ballooning speeds up FAI creation and hours are saved from each PPAP package creation.

1factory is designed for the front-line of quality control. 1factory’s intuitive navigation and best-in-class screen-designs make training a breeze. 1factory is hosted on AWS GovCloud designed to host sensitive data and regulated workloads. All customer data transfer from client to server is encrypted.

1factory supports data imports from a wide variety of digital gages, CMMs, in-circuit testers, and test-fixtures. Capturing data directly from inspection or test equipment eliminates data-entry errors, minimizes the possibility of incomplete or missed inspections, and frees-up a significant amount of QC inspector time. 1factory provides the world’s fastest CMM upload capability loading and parsing CMM data files in less than a second.

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