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Smart Camera Provides Quality Inspection During Forming Processes

The evoVIU is an all-in-one image processing system for quality control, code reading and detection of any kind. The mix of hardware and software enables uncomplicated integration into existing production equipment and processes. Easy to integrate, seamlessly expandable and effortlessly accessible. The mission of evoVIU is to make machine vision accessible to everyone for a future with improved production processes and reduced costs while eliminating skilled workers.

The software for the evoVIU smart camera is a cross-platform, browser-based, accessible from any web browser. With the evoVIU no complex software installation is necessary. The Smart Camera is completely self-sufficient and can run without any external device making integration into existing systems very easy. Control and process automation is possible with the evoVIU via an interface that can be used by cloud-based AI systems.

The evoVIU finds its use where the view of the decisive detail becomes relevant. With its interchangeable optics, high-intensity illumination options and an integrated high-performance sensor, it becomes indispensable for any industrial environment. Whether users want to read codes, inspect welds, detect cracks or measure distances, the evoVIU smart camera can support any of these tasks. The smart camera can adapt to different production parts.

To date, the evoVIU smart camera has mainly been installed in forming lines in the automotive industry, but demand is also emerging in other sectors.

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