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Indian Cobot Manufacturer Showcases Tactile Sensor Robotic CMM

Earlier this year Svaya Robotics debuted a complete range of Collaborative Robots (Cobots) designed and manufactured in India. Svaya Robotics has demonstrated new applications and new possibilities at various Indian exhibition events in 2023 including a Cobot Touch Probe CMM.

Svaya’s robotic solutions enable collaborative human robot interaction, to enable on-demand automation of routine tasks with high precision. The Svaya robotic platform is completely software driven and designed to simplify work through varied applications that can handle a variety of tasks, ranging from delicate to tough with minimal changeover time.

Advanced motion control together with high-precision encoders ensure cobot pose repeatability down to 0.03mm with high accuracy.

An intuitive and engaging interface allows access to anyone to create, connect, simulate and control workflows with no prior experience.

A digital-twin approach bridges the physical and the virtual worlds providing total visibility into robot workflows and enable virtual control of workflows with real-time operational data.

The Svaya cobots also have a built-in programmable logic controller (PLC) allowing integration into any eco-system with communication across different industrial communication protocols (EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, Modbus, Profinet) for comprehensive automation across production according to the company.

Built-in sensing can also be combined with machine vision enable radical new applications, powered by AI, bringing new levels of usability, flexibility and scalability to even unstructured environments.

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