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ETQ and Augmentir Launch Connected Quality Solution Extending Quality Management to the Factory Floor

ETQ, part of Hexagon, and Augmentir, the world’s leading connected worker solution provider, has launched the ETQ Reliance Connected Worker solution to make the connected frontline worker (CFW) on the factory floor a key part of the quality management process.  As an initial step in this strategy, ETQ has integrated its ETQ Reliance quality management system (QMS) Quality Events application with Augmentir’s connected worker platform. ETQ and Augmentir will now provide customers with a holistic connected worker quality solution for manufacturing environments.

“ETQ is committed to creating a quality-driven manufacturing ecosystem by extending quality management to the factory floor and the connected worker,” said Vick Vaishnavi, CEO, ETQ. “Through our partnership with Augmentir in the connected worker space, we’re providing data-driven actions and insights and empowering workforces – at scale – with the tools and knowledge needed to deliver the highest levels of safety, quality and productivity by making them part of the quality business-process value chain.”

Augmentir is a suite of AI-powered connected worker tools that help industrial companies deliver effective skills management, training and collaborative digital workflows, by digitizing and optimizing frontline work processes. Integrating ETQ Reliance with the Augmentir platform, provides a closed-loop quality management ecosystem that enables manufacturers to break down silos and automate valuable factory-floor data to mitigate the impact of poor quality, while driving continuous improvement.

“The integration of ETQ Reliance with our connected worker platform truly extends the value of enterprise quality management to the frontlines,” said Russ Fadel, CEO and Co-Founder at Augmentir. “Thanks to this integration, ETQ customers will be able to track, trend, investigate and proactively address a range of quality and safety events that arise in manufacturing – from product design to supplier quality to factory floor issues – to reduce the costs of poor quality.”

“Industrial organizations face many challenges as they navigate transformation initiatives, coupled with workforce challenges such as worker shortages, the impending ‘great retirement’ of the aging workforce and the rise of the digital native,” said James Wells, Research Analyst, LNS Research. “These workforce dynamics are creating an urgency for connected worker-based initiatives, such as the integration between a QMS leader like ETQ and a CFW leader like Augmentir. It’s a significant step forward in creating a seamless experience for the worker supported by a symphony of “system of systems” software applications in service of bringing workers’ insights, knowledge and experiences to bear on the full ecosystem of enterprise-wide quality.”

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