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Latest Mitutoyo Vision Systems Enhance Measurement Productivity With Technological Advancements

Mitutoyo America Corporation has announced new enhancements to its Vision Pro vision measurement system line.

Mitutoyo’s recent introduction of the QV Vision Pro Series has set the stage for the future of vision measurement with several new features. The StrobeSnap vision measuring function speeds up quality run time compared to other competitor’s machines by approximately 35 to 45 percent regardless of measurement position or continuity while achieving higher throughput and high-precision measurements. Additionally, autofocus on the QV Pro Series is about 39 percent faster than previous models, which were already the fastest in their class, without loss of accuracy for measurement.

“It’s an exciting time in the marketplace for machine vision measurement and Mitutoyo is at the forefront of the industry bringing our customers best-in-class machines and real-time solutions to meet the biggest and most complicated quality measuring challenges they will be facing in the years ahead,” states Matt Dye, President Mitutoyo America Corporation.

The most recent market research shows the vision machine measuring (VMM) market is set to explode with an expected value of $41Billion by 2030.1

The vision market’s expansion is attributed to many new developments over the last several years, including the US Congress’ passage of the Chips and Science Act in 2022 which provides more than $52 billion to strengthen, boost, and incentivize semiconductor production and supply chains in the United States. Currently, roughly 75 percent of semiconductors are produced in Asia and vision measurement systems will play a vital role in this massive manufacturing expansion.

Additionally, as the automotive industry transitions from combustion engines to electric, vision measurement is taking on a larger role in the construction of electric vehicles (EV). EV motors are now manufactured in a way which makes vision measurement a more accurate, effective, and cost-effective solution than its CMM counterparts for parts quality inspection, with motors typically composed of several layers of rotors that are stamped and stacked on top of each other and laminated together. Most CMM probes would have a difficult time measuring these parts with any accuracy.

As vision measurement continues to move forward, Mitutoyo is offering an opportunity to its customers to purchase the newest vision measuring machines to update their own shop floors with the Mitutoyo Vision Trade-In Trade-Up Program. Mitutoyo will give a significant trade-in allowance for a current vision measuring machine (Mitutoyo or other brands) to put toward a new Mitutoyo precision measurement system.

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