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Manual CMM Becomes Fulcrum In Delivering Performance For Aftermarket Parts Supplier

From concept, design, and production through to assembly, Oberon Performance has gained a reputation for manufacturing ‘high class’ aftermarket motorcycle parts and accessories that are sold throughout the world. Since its conception in 2000, Oberon Performance has been fiercely proud of the fact that they control all aspects of the design and manufacturing process. From the original concept sketch to the completed product, they use this in-house philosophy to bring their motorcycle products to the market.

As all the parts made must fit on the OEM motorcycle, Oberon Performance needed a way to accurately measure and re-engineer the original OEM part and the mating part on the bike. Steve Evans, technical director explains: “Before the Aberlink Fulcrum, we used a combination of verniers, micrometers, height gauges, a 3D scanner and good old engineering skill to reproduce the parts. This was then 3D printed out and checked for fit. Once we were happy, they would then go into production. We found that the 3D scanner, brilliant as it is, could not get us the tiny little details, especially tiny hole centres that we needed. The resolution just couldn’t pick up these features well enough. Most parts on bikes have a very forgiving tolerance but when it comes to items like brake and clutch levers, you must get the working points spot on as this is linked back to microswitches which control the bike. 0.1mm makes a huge difference to the working and position of the lever when fitted to the bike.”

Steve Evans set about looking for a bench-top CMM system, but when he started looking there were no viable offerings from the suppliers.  Steve explains: “A bridge-type CMM was way too big and complicated for what we required, and an articulating arm was again OTT. Then I saw the Fulcrum in one of the engineering magazines and at the UK Southern Manufacturing show.”

The Fulcrum is a revolutionary manual CMM, by employing a three rotary axis design, Aberlink have created a space-efficient tabletop design enabling it to be used where it is needed. A simpler user interface has been developed for Aberlink measurement software, making it even easier to use on a manual CMM, while retaining full functionality. After manually scanning the part, critical features are automatically recognized, and dimensions automatically displayed.

Intuitive software and innovative design means users are measuring parts within minutes of switching on the Fulcrum CMM, even with no prior operating experience. Fulcrum is the easiest CMM to learn and use and Following a demonstration, Steve Evans didn’t hesitate in placing an order for the Fulcrum manual CMM.

In conclusion, Steve has this to say: “It has been perfect, just what we were looking for. It was installed within two weeks, which was extremely quick and easy. We are currently using it to cross reference some of our current products for accuracy and have many new products in the pipeline stacked up for measuring. It has and will prove invaluable to this business over the coming years.”

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