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Falcon4 Delivers Higher Resolution For True High-Performance Image Capture

Teledyne DALSA has announced its new Falcon4-CLHS M6200 and M8200 cameras, based on Teledyne e2v’s Emerald 37M and 67M monochrome sensors.

The new Falcon4-CLHS models deliver higher resolution, added functionality and ease of use with a CLHS interface that has been engineered for industrial imaging applications requiring high-speed data transfer. These models can reach multiple thousands of frames per second in either partial scan mode, or when using the Multi-ROI mode, with up to 32 distinct region of interest. Additionally, the updated firmware enables appending detailed meta data to each ROI linked to different light sources, while new multi-ROI or moving ROI in sequencer or cycling modes deliver higher frame rates and added functionality.

“The Teledyne e2v Emerald 37M & 67M CMOS image sensors provide excellent performance and image quality for any machine vision applications that requires true high-performance imaging,” said Manny Romero, Senior Product Manager at Teledyne DALSA. “With the addition of these latest Falcon4-CLHS models, we are now pleased to offer a variety of cameras ranging from the high-speed 11.2M camera with frame rates up to 609 fps in full resolution and these new high-resolution 37 MP and 67 MP cameras with frame rates of 120 fps and 90 fps respectively in full resolution,” he continued.

Falcon4-CLHS cameras leverage standard cabling technology such as CX4 and fiber optic (AOC) cables to maximize length and speed.

Falcon4-CLHS cameras are engineered to deliver high-speed, dependable results for applications such as industrial automation, flat panel display inspection, semiconductor inspection, PCB-AOI (Automated Optical Inspection), aerial imaging, and general machine vision applications that require true high-performance imaging.

Key features include:

– Two new models are offered in 67M and 37M monochrome versions

– Multiple Region of Interest (up to 32)

– Thousands of frames per second in Partial Scan Mode (ROI)

– Series supports advanced high-performance camera features in a compact form factor for easy integration

– Updated firmware with new multi-ROI and moving ROI in sequencer or cycling modes

– Ability to append detailed meta data to each ROI with different light sources

– All-metal body with 3-year warranty

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