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Combination Measuring Fixture For Optical and Multi-Sensor Measuring Machines

A newly developed combination measurement system from Witte especially for transmitted light and multi-sensor measuring machines promises a significant increase in flexibility, speed and convenience in everyday practice.

The core of the innovation is the extremely easy-to-handle spring system for holding and fixing the components to be measured. Centering cones that can be replaced without tools adapt to different diameters – even hollow shapes, such as pipes. Optional versions also allow the combination with, for example, an ALUFIX hand chuck that can be rotated and staked out.

The spring force, which can be adjusted from 26 to 36 newtons, keeps even heavier workpieces safely in position. The adjustment range of the new 160 mm combination measuring fixture enables objects with a component length of up to 145 mm to be accommodated. The adjustment to the workpiece length is carried out extremely conveniently via the slide, which can be moved and locked by means of locking bolts via pawl rails and linear guides.

The combination measuring fixture, which is assigned to the modular clamping system ALUFIX by Witte, has system holes compatible with the ALUFIX size AF16 – the construction on the respective measuring table can also be realized thanks to a specific connection hole pattern.

Devices and measuring setups realized with ALUFIX are reliably reproducible. The consistent implementation of the modular system allows unlimited, long-term multiple use of virtually all standard elements installed in fixtures.

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