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Augmentus Launches U.S. Robotics Centre

Augmentus, a leader in AI and robotic solutions for surface finishing and welding, has announced the opening of their first experience centre in the United States as part of its strategic market expansion plans. Located in Texas, the centre aims to bolster the company’s presence in one of the nation’s leading regions for metal fabrication and manufacturing.

3D Cameras Capture Essential Spatial Data

Founded in 2019, Augmentus has pioneered the transformation of industrial robot programming. The company streamlines complex robot automation for manufacturers that have high mix low volume (HMLV) surface finishing and welding applications through its vision-guided technology. Augmentus’ proprietary system acts as both the eyes and the brain of any industrial robot. Its advanced 3D cameras capture essential spatial data, which is then processed by its sophisticated AI model. This platform intelligently recommends the most efficient path for robot operations, even across intricate surfaces, thereby streamlining the programming process.

This innovation drastically reduces the need for technical expertise and minimizes downtime associated with reprogramming robotic equipment. With Augmentus, manufacturers can cut down the time required for process automation from days to under 15 minutes, enhancing accuracy and operational efficiency while cutting costs by more than 80%. The new Texas office marks a major milestone in the company’s global outreach, following the successful deployments worldwide across diverse markets including North America, Europe, and the APAC region.

The decision to set up the office in Texas was driven by existing demand and the state’s robust manufacturing sector, particularly in metal fabrication. “Texas is an ideal location for Augmentus to deepen our engagement with key industries and allow manufacturers to physically experience our technology offerings in person,” said Daryl Lim, Co-founder and CEO of Augmentus. “Our new office will serve as a crucial hub for both meeting the growing demand of our U.S. customers and enhancing our market presence.”

Augmentus System Integrator Program

Augmentus has launched the Augmentus System Integrator (ASI) program as a key part of its 2024 strategic initiative. This innovative program enables System Integrators and Solution Providers to design and implement customized turnkey robot stations using Augmentus system, specifically crafted for applications such as welding, surface treatment, and finishing.

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