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Rotary Plate With Scale and Vernier Grid Offers Fast Part Alignment

Witte is expanding its ALUFIX modular fixturing system with a practice-oriented detail: a turntable variant with scale and vernier setting grid allowing workpieces to be aligned more easily, quickly and precisely at the same time.

The new rotary plate with scale and vernier grid is based on the high-precision ALUFIX fixturing system from Witte and thus adopts its reference values in terms of accuracy and material quality. The plates that are compatible with the ALUFIX 25 system size have a setting grid in one-degree increments and a rotation angle of 0 to 360 degrees.

The one-degree grid adapts the system of the TopPos positioning system from Witte which is based on standardized precision components that can be easily moved in the grid using a positioning element and thus reach the clamping point precisely – without the need for specially made adapters. In this way, TopPos makes at least ninety percent of the cost-intensive special components otherwise required in conventional workpiece systems superfluous.

A high-quality anodized coating ensures that the new rotary plates are extremely durable, even in heavy-duty use.

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