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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – April 26th

Read a quick summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

GOM Scan 1: The Next Small Thing

The new GOM Scan 1 sensor is a compact and mobile 3D scanner to digitally capture objects and achieve precise 3D meshes for applications such as 3D printing, reverse engineering and dimensional inspection. The system comes with the latest GOM software, walking users through the entire workflow. GOM Scan 1 … read more

Vision-Based Robot Control System Uses Artificial Intelligence

ZF, a global technology company headquartered in Friedrichshafen, Germany, wanted to automate machine tending in a high-volume milling station where gears are manufactured. In this case, metal rings are picked from a crate and placed onto a conveyor belt. The ring is the raw part of what will become a … read more

Inspector 3.0 To Revolutionize Internal Inspection Processes

Flyability, a leading provider of solutions for remote internal inspections, has announced the launch of a new software that allows inspectors to precisely locate the defects they find during inspections performed with the Elios 2 drone.  Following a successful beta testing phase that included over 150 users, Inspector 3.0 is … read more

Digital 3D Measurement Processes Empowering Manufacturing Event

Innovmetric has announced its online PolyWorks Conference Live event (April 28-29, 2021), which will show the digital transformation of 3D measurement processes, enabled by the PolyWorks 2021 digital platform solutions. “The world has gone digital in a revolutionary way. But what about your company? Beyond emails, social media, and teleconferencing, digitization … read more

Software Tool Maximizes Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Increasing networking in production also increases its complexity. Expertise in data analysis is required in order to predict system failures at an early stage and to identify the causes of loss of effectiveness. With MOEE, research teams from the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA recently presented a tool at … read more

5 Axis CMM Technology Halves Inspection Times at Transmission Manufacturing Plant

At the US transmission plant of a global automotive manufacturing group, component inspection times have been reduced by half or more following the decision to partner with LK Metrology which has upgraded all of the CNC coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) on site to use 5-axis scanning technology … read more

Consortium to Develop ‘Digitalisation of Testing’ to Predict Product Performance

The National Physical Laboratory (NPL), working in partnership with an industrial-academic consortium, have collectively secured a £15m ($21m) grant to deliver a ‘Smarter Testing’ programme sponsored by the Aerospace Technology Institute. The programme will use existing physical test programmes to explore how novel inspection techniques can be used to predict … read more

Compact Smart Camera has Power of Vision System

Datalogic, a leader in the automatic data capture and factory automation markets, has announced its P2X series, the ultimate smart camera with the unparalleled performance and flexibility of the most innovative vision system. Although very technically capable, the P2X is easily setup and operated. The heavyweight specifications packed into the industrial-grade … read more

Multisensor Vision System Boosts Battery Cell Inspection

Through AIoT-driven innovations in battery technology and multidisciplinary applications, Envision AESC establishes scenarios to enable electric vehicles to participate in the renewable energy eco-system and provides a dynamic balance to promote the common development of clean energy and new energy electric vehicle industry.   Routinely inspecting parts such as EV Battery modules … read more

Trioptics Expands Optical Measurement Product Portfolio

TRIOPTICS has announced that it is expanding its portfolio to include customized solutions for measurement requirements arising from the latest technology trends for cell phone camera optics. Key drivers for future business are the under-display camera technology, in which camera optics are almost invisibly hidden under the full-screen display surfaces, high-resolution … read more

Next Generation Machine Motion Controller Launched

Vention has launched its MachineMotion V2 (MMV2). With plug & play actuators and code-free programming, automating factory floor equipment has never been easier. MMV2 allows users to program and simulate online in a few clicks, wire equipment in minutes, and start automated production the same-day. The compact system dispenses with … read more

KUKA Driving Forward Democratization of Robotics

iiQKA is the combination of a new robot operating system and ecosystem from KUKA designed to make the user experience as intuitive, powerful, fast and scalable as possible – empowering more people, companies and markets than ever before to access and drive the huge advantages robotic automation provides … read more

Measuring Devices for Heavy Corrosion Protection

Developed by anti-corrosion experts, the three devices of the MMS Inspection series impress with their robustness, good handling, and performance. The MMS Inspection DFT sets new standards for coating thickness measurements. The integrated dual probe (optional) delivers extremely precise measurement results with a measuring range of up to 2500 μm on … read more

Compact 2D Vision Camera with Deep Learning Onboard Launched

SICK is launching its first vision camera with a pre-installed Deep Learning app onboard to make it simple to create custom quality inspections of complex or irregular-shaped goods, packaging and assemblies, especially where they may have previously defied automation using traditional systems. The SICK Intelligent Inspection Deep Learning App runs on … read more

Edge AI Machine Vision Platform Announced

Basler has announced a new AI machine vision platform for industrial applications based on Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) services. The new machine vision platform allows customers to seamlessly deploy AI-based applications at the edge for use cases such as quality inspection … read more