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Digital 3D Measurement Processes Empowering Manufacturing Event

Innovmetric has announced its online PolyWorks Conference Live event (April 28-29, 2021), which will show the digital transformation of 3D measurement processes, enabled by the PolyWorks 2021 digital platform solutions.

“The world has gone digital in a revolutionary way. But what about your company? Beyond emails, social media, and teleconferencing, digitization of manufacturing processes should be a natural next step. But it’s not as simple as flipping the digital switch. It’s a process that requires a well planned and gradual transformation” comments Marc Soucy Innovmetric President and co-founder.

Manufacturing companies are now producing greater and greater quantities of 3D measurement data that is rich with information concerning problematic machines, worn-out dies, fissured molds, or showing clear tendencies of problems to come. But this data is often locked away in silos, located in factories in different countries – a true gold mine of information hiding in plain sight. How can it be made available digitally, in an actionable format, to experts and decisionmakers, wherever they are?

PolyWorks 2021 digital platform solutions can assure companies stays efficient and ahead of the competition.

The event’s first day will feature a series of exchanges discussing the connection between digital transformation and 3D metrology. InnovMetric executives and experts will demonstrate how industrial manufacturing enterprises can overcome the challenges of responding faster than ever to changing markets and the increasing complexity of products and processes through digital transformation strategies.

The event’s second day will feature four à la carte workshops to strengthen a users knowledge of PolyWorks solutions, making significant productivity gains, and expanding a user dimensional analysis, quality control, and reverse-engineering skill set. Users will learn how to quickly benefit from the new tools and features available in the 2021 release of PolyWorks|Inspector and PolyWorks|Modeler.

In addition, the PolyWorks Conference Live will offers you 30-minute one-on-one consultation with PolyWorks experts where users you can privately discuss inspection and reverse-engineering issues that can help improve efficiencies: workflow, optimized parameters, or a better choice of tools.

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