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Trioptics Expands Optical Measurement Product Portfolio

TRIOPTICS has announced that it is expanding its portfolio to include customized solutions for measurement requirements arising from the latest technology trends for cell phone camera optics.

Key drivers for future business are the under-display camera technology, in which camera optics are almost invisibly hidden under the full-screen display surfaces, high-resolution professional photography and the zoom capability of cameras. All three trends cause new challenges for measurement technology, for which Jenoptik’s subsidiary TRIOPTICS has developed customized measurement solutions for image quality testing and is launching three new measurement systems in their ImageMaster PRO series.

“With its future-oriented product portfolio, TRIOPTICS is an important growth driver within the Jenoptik Group, and we are focusing on the right technologies in relevant future markets. Once again TRIOPTICS is underlining its technology leadership for the production of future mobile phone camera systems,” says Jenoptik President & CEO Stefan Traeger.

Growth opportunities are based on the fact that optics, which are installed as standard today, will gradually be replaced by the new technologies. It is estimated that every third smartphone will be equipped with these new technologies in the long term. These new lenses can no longer be measured with existing measuring devices, but require new measuring technology.

In the area of mobile devices, TRIOPTICS is an important supplier to global manufacturers and achieves a significant part of its sales within this sector. With the expanded product portfolio, TRIOPTICS is further expanding its technologically leading market position.

For years, the ImageMaster PRO product family has set the worldwide standard for testing the imaging quality of cell phone camera optics in mass production. In this context, the ImageMaster PRO devices are the fastest and most accurate test devices worldwide. With the three new measurement systems of the ImageMaster PRO series, TRIOPTICS underlines its technological leadership also for the production of future cell phone camera lenses.

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