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Measuring Devices for Heavy Corrosion Protection

Developed by anti-corrosion experts, the three devices of the MMS Inspection series impress with their robustness, good handling, and performance.

The MMS Inspection DFT sets new standards for coating thickness measurements. The integrated dual probe (optional) delivers extremely precise measurement results with a measuring range of up to 2500 μm on steel and 2000 μm on non-ferrous metal. Depending on the base material, the instrument automatically selects the appropriate measuring method. All essential measurement regulations for corrosion protection, such as SSPC-PA 2 and ISO 19840, are fulfilled during coating thickness measurement.

The MMS Inspection SPG is the specialist for fast and straightforward surface profile measurements. The inspection fulfills, among others, the regulations ASTM 4417-B and SSPC-PA 17.

MMS Inspection DFT

The MMS Inspection DPM is used to determine the dew point. This measuring device reliably monitors the climatic parameters relevant to
coating processes.

The three devices are rugged, dustproof, and protected against water jets (IP65). LED, sound, and vibration (additionally with DFT and SPG) allow immediate control of the measurement results. The measuring instruments can be operated with one hand, even with gloves, thanks to four large pressure points. The intuitive user interface guides even untrained personnel through all functions without any problems.

The coating thickness gauge, dew point meter, and surface profile gauge can also be supplied together in a corrosion
protection kit.

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