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Next Generation Machine Motion Controller Launched

Vention has launched its MachineMotion V2 (MMV2). With plug & play actuators and code-free programming, automating factory floor equipment has never been easier. MMV2 allows users to program and simulate online in a few clicks, wire equipment in minutes, and start automated production the same-day. The compact system dispenses with traditional automation control cabinets and custom programming lowering project costs and delivering shorter timelines to manufacturers.

MMV2 provides up to 1000W of motion control in an IP30 enclosure with active cooling and replaceable air filters. Plug-&-play safety system with dual channel, cross-fault detection, and reset line; isolated class 2 power supply; Nanotec CL4 servo drive; 32 GB SD-micro memory; high power clamp resistor for up to 1,000 W braking power; up to four 250 W step-servo drives.

Democratizing Industrial Automation

The last thirty years have seen relatively few changes to the way industrial automation is delivered to manufacturing organizations. Given the complexity of automation technologies, a limited number of experts and system integrators are available to deliver the full benefits of automation.

Today’s rhythm of change on manufacturing floors is not compatible with the traditional way of deploying industrial automation technology. With a focus on ease of use and speed the Manufacturing Automation Platforms (MAP) from Vention empower any manufacturing professional to become an automation specialist. Deployment is fast and intuitive with automated systems designed and commissioned entirely within a web browser.

Manufacturing Automation Platforms (MAP) blend many engineering software systems into a single digital environment, erasing the boundaries between the digital and physical worlds. Project workload and duration are reduced from months to days, resulting in significant project cost savings.

Forbes recently described Vention as a Disruptive Innovator – “The process of designing and procuring industrial equipment is complex and slow. Montreal-based Vention is bringing the process online, letting customers design and order just what they need digitally. Their goal: to make the cumbersome process as easy as building with Legos.”

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