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METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – 1st July

Summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

Open Beam XRF To Detect Microstructural Variations In Metal Engine Parts

GE Aerospace’s global network of service shops will soon have a new inspection process to improve the way they inspect metal parts, using the same technology scientists rely upon to help museums and auction houses identify forged artwork.  It will be the first deployed through GE Aerospace’s Services Technology Acceleration Center … read more

Photonic Chip Creates Ultrafast Machine Vision Promising To Revolutionize Edge Intelligence

Researchers have demonstrated a new intelligent photonic sensing-computing chip that can process, transmit and reconstruct images of a scene within nanoseconds. This advance opens the door to extremely high-speed image processing that could benefit edge intelligence for machine vision applications such as industrial inspection,  autonomous driving, and robotic vision … read more

WFL Health Check Ensures Optimal Performance Through Checking Machine Geometry

The WFL Health check ensures optimal performance through checking the machine geometry. With semi-automatic measurement and measurement data logging, the system offers an efficient solution that can be used on all MILLTURNs achieving maximum precision and productivity for the manufacturing processes. With the latest tool called myWFL Health Check, the machine, the machine geometry is checked … read more

3D Scanning Spray Streamlines Scanning Process By Eliminating Reference Points

3D scanners often need reference points for orientation, which are usually attached to the object before scanning and removed afterward. This process can be particularly time-consuming for larger components. The newly launched TopoTrack forms a structure on the surface, allowing the scanner to orient itself and maintain tracking stability eliminating need for glued-on reference points … read more

‘Live Inspect’ Scan Adjustment Software For AM Parts

Desktop Metal, a global leader in Additive Manufacturing 2.0 technologies for mass production, has announced the launch of Live Inspect for analyzing and correcting errors in 3D printed parts. Part of Desktop Metal’s Live Suite software portfolio, Live Inspect allows manufacturers to dial in accuracy and 3D print parts … read more

Parsable Launches Industry-First AI-Powered Analytics

In a bold move to redefine the manufacturing landscape, Parsable has announced the launch of AI-Powered Analytics, cementing its position as the leading Connected Worker Platform. This unprecedented product expansion promises to disrupt traditional frontline models and end the era of guesswork in manufacturing operations … read more

Augmented Reality Seamlessly Integrates Manual Processes Into Digital Process Chain

Even though digitalization in the automotive industry is well advanced, there are still many manual tasks for workers to complete. These include processes in body construction, in the paint shop and in final assembly. More complex joining processes such as MAG welding, clinching or gluing, the reworking of damaged features … read more

Rockwell Automation Publish “State of Smart Manufacturing Report – Automotive Edition”

Rockwell Automation, the world’s largest company dedicated to industrial automation and digital transformation, has announced the results of the 9th annual “State of Smart Manufacturing Report: Automotive Edition.” The global study encompasses the responses of 182 leaders from automotive manufacturers, automotive supply manufacturers, and electric vehicle manufacturers … read more

ZEISS and CleanControlling To Take Technical Cleanliness To New Level

ZEISS and CleanControlling, a leading test laboratory for technical cleanliness, have recently signed a cooperation agreement. The goal of the cooperation is to optimize products and industrial analysis techniques, and to set new market standards. In the automotive, aviation & aerospace and medical technology, technical cleanliness has for many years played a critical role … read more

Sensor Technology Generates 3D Scatter Plot Driving Autonomous Production Transportation

With the introduction of an autonomous transport vehicle at its press plant, BMW Group Plant Regensburg is driving forward with digitalisation and automation of its manufacturing processes: The company is thus taking a further step towards the digital and intelligently connected BMW iFACTORY … read more

Tech Soft 3D Acquires Theorem Solutions

Tech Soft 3D, the leading provider of engineering software development toolkits, has announced that it has acquired Theorem Solutions, makers of advanced solutions for CAD data translation and publishing. This acquisition is in line with the company’s plans to fuel growth by investing in product development … read more

LED Optical Micrometer Compensates For Target Tilt

Micro-Epsilon has extended its optoCONTROL series of optical micrometers with the optoCONTROL 2700-40, a high performance LED micrometer for the most demanding measurement tasks. Characterised by its high precision and sampling rate with a measuring range of 40 mm, the LED micrometer is suitable for measuring contours, diameters, gaps, edges … read more

Compact 8k Super Resolution GigE Vision Line Scan Camera

Teledyne DALSA, a Teledyne Technologies company, has announced that its Linea Lite 8k Super Resolution camera is now in production. This compact and cost-effective GigE line scan camera delivers 8k resolution images, a performance that normally requires a camera body twice the size. Built for a wide range of machine vision … read more

Aibuild Launches AI-powered 3D Printing Software Version 2.0

Aibuild has announced the launch of Aibuild 2.0. The latest version of Aibuild’s software platform introduces enhanced capabilities, new branding, and strategic partnerships designed to accelerate innovation in the large-format Additive Manufacturing industry. Aibuild represents a unique software category, seamlessly integrating the entire manufacturing process, from slicing and optimization to real-time … read more