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May 2022 Metrology News Magazine

Editors Message:

CONTROL 2022 is ‘in the books’ and it was great to finally get out of the home office and see so many old physical and new virtual acquaintances, sharing stories, catching up on both business and personal news, and generally physically interact with fellow humans again. Unfortunately a few of our intended ‘meet-ups’ at the show were cancelled due to positive COVID tests, and some left the show early to get home after coming into contact with positive test recipients, reminding us that the virus has not gone away completely and is still readily transmissible. Despite published attendance being over 30% down on the last 2019 CONTROL the excitement buzz of exhibitors finally being back on familiar ground was very apparent.

In the coming days we will be at the AUTOMATE show in Detroit checking out how metrology is increasingly being integrated into manufacturing automation systems. The AUTOMATICA automation exhibition in Munich, also a June event, provides another opportunity to visit the many metrology companies in attendance at these events showcasing their latest automated metrology solutions.

This month we reported on the published financial results of a number of the publicly traded metrology companies. With few exception, the reported financial numbers showed that despite the continuing supply chain issues, at both customers and suppliers, and continuing ‘lock-downs’ in China, the industry continues to be resilient and grow. The financial results showcase that investment levels in the latest metrology technologies, by manufacturing, is running at record levels – we highlight the results of some of these companies in this month’s newsletter.

This month we reported on a number of new products, based upon new technologies, being introduced to the industrial inspection and measurement sector to aid the introduction of faster, more accurate and fully integrated processes. We also saw enhanced software products offering increased evaluation and data reporting techniques as data becomes more critical to the eco system of manufacturing operations.

Published featured articles this month included “Smart Vision Technology Ensures Production Line Never Stops“; “Master Plan For Automotive Production of The Future”; “AutoInspect Takes The Quality of Industrial Inspection Processes to New Levels”; “Getting The Most Out of Your Data” and “Improving Quality Control Using Artificial Intelligence”.

Over 100 articles were published in April with the magazine below offering a selection of published stories. The complete library of May articles can be accessed by clicking here.

As usual I welcome your comments, news and views along with guest articles – my inbox is always open.

Keith Mills – Publishing EditorDynamic 9D LADAR To Revolutionize Production Measurements

API has launched its DYNAMIC 9D LADAR (LAser Detection and Ranging) system, an innovative measuring solution that captures both dimensional and surface geometry data. The system incorporates a breakthrough technology that is set to revolutionize automated production measurements. The patent-pending Dynamic 9D LADAR offers the world’s first interferometry-based LADAR system … read more

New Approach To 3D Portable Measurement Software Launched

Have you always dreamt about having an efficient 3D Metrology software that could allows you to compute, at the click of a button, all of your 3D analysis requirements and prepare an easy to read output? NextMeasure launched at the CONTROL 2022 Expo offering users, by default a wide range of data formats … read more

Kreon Debut New Onyx Portable Measuring Arm

Some 9 years after the launch of the first Ace measuring arm, Kreon unveiled at the recent Control exhibition its new Onyx measuring arm. With a completely new product architecture, the Onyx measuring arm is packed full of innovations. It manages the 3D acquisition of parts with unequalled efficiency and … read more

Industry-First Smart 3D Line Confocal Sensors Launched

LMI Technologies (LMI), developer of 3D scanning and inspection solutions, has announced the official release of its new Gocator 5500 series of smart 3D line confocal sensors. This major product release introduces the first line confocal sensor running Gocator’s smart sensor platform, complete with next-generation on-sensor IIoT vision web-based software … read more

Getting Back In CONTROL

So, CONTROL 2022 is ‘in the books’. It was great to finally get out of the home office and see so many old physical and new virtual acquaintances, sharing stories, catching up on both business and personal news, and generally physically interact with fellow humans again. There is no better networking environment than an exhibition … read more

Please Mind The Gap!

At the recent CONTROL exhibition in Germany non-contact measurement manufacturer, Third Dimension, showcased its Vectro 2 system and demonstrated how manufacturers can easily integrate the Vectro2 sensor and software into operations automating measurement processes … read more

Stereo Deflectometry Vision System Inspects Glossy Parts

Helmee Imaging’s Covered Stereo Deflectometry based machine vision systems are designed to visually inspect glossy – mirror like objects. CSD can simultaneously inspect surface properties and 3D shape of glossy parts. Glossy surfaced parts are typically inspected manually due to lack of automatic tools to date … read more

IBS Quality and Verisurf Introduce Portable Cobot Inspection System

IBS Quality GmbH has launched its new PAM-System (Portable Automated Measurement System), a portable cobot-based 3D scanning and measurement solution, at the Control 2022 exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany. The launch is in collaboration with Verisurf Software and its integrated 3D measurement software for automated quality inspection, reporting, scanning, and reverse engineering … read more

Smart Vision Technology Ensures Production Line Never Stops

The assembly line in Hall M13 at the ŠKODA plant in Mladá Boleslav is one of the Czech carmaker’s busiest. The best-selling ŠKODA OCTAVIA is produced here, as is the ŠKODA ENYAQ iV electric SUV. Every minute of downtime on this line means losses in the form of unproduced cars. In addition to quality efficient use of capacities … read more

Master Plan For Automotive Production of The Future

It’s the master plan for the automotive production of tomorrow: The BMW iFACTORY production strategy defines the future orientation of plants and production technologies at the BMW Group and meets the challenges of the transformation to e-mobility. “Automotive manufacturing of the future requires a new … read more

AutoInspect Takes The Quality of Industrial Inspection Processes to New Levels

The quality of industrial production processes is ensured by a large number of sensor-based individual inspections. This generates large amounts of data. However, until now, the information from the individual sensors has generally only been looked at in isolation  … read more

Automated Paint Repair System Provides Precise Quality Control

ISRA has introducing an automatic paint repair system for plastic and sheet metal parts. The fully automated SSP system (Scan, Sand, Polish), developed by ISRA partner Accell GmbH, combines optical inspection using the leading-edge multi-mode LED technology of ISRA’s new PAINTSCAN compact sensor with sanding and polishing … read more

Universal CMM Morphs Into Shaft Inspection Machine With Flexible Tailstock

ZEISS has added a tailstock to its PRISMO range of coordinate measuring machines. Exhibited at the recent CONTROL exhibition the Tailstock TS series provides for the clamping of ‘shaft-like’ measuring objects between centers providing deformation-free clamping. The Tailstock offers stable clamping while measuring objects without interfering with access to contours … read more

Mahr Expands Ultraprecise Multi-Sensor Form Measurement Range

One machine – two ultraprecise concepts: Mahr now offers its well-proven MFU universal form measuring system in two versions for different applications. The first, MarOpto MFU 200-3D, measures optical components automatically, quickly and near production in 2D and 3D. The second machine, MarForm MFU 200, inspects the form and position … read more

Laser Radar Heralds A Paradigm Shift In Automotive Metrology

Nikon Metrology, a division of the Japanese multinational Nikon Corporation, has been advocating and implementing automated, absolute measurement on the shop floor for many years. One product that it offers is the Laser Radar. The latest version, APDIS, is a significant step forward in the evolution of the technology … read more

Fluorescence Measurement Technology Success In Production Quality Assurance

‘Qualitative’ and ‘quantitative’ may be just a couple of letters apart, but the difference is huge. When it comes to fluorescence measurement technology it has so far been used almost exclusively for qualitative analyses. Now, for the first time, a team of researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Physical Measurement … read more

Indoor Lidar Drone For Industry 4.0 Launched

Flyability has unveiled its Elios 3, the world’s first collision-tolerant drone equipped with a LiDAR sensor for indoor 3D mapping. The drone is powered by a new SLAM engine called FlyAware that lets it create 3D models as it flies and accompanied by a new version of Flyability’s Inspector 4.0. … read more

Getting The Most Out of Your Data

According to a report from Seagate Technology, around 68% of data available to enterprises goes unleveraged. Data can be a valuable resource, particularly in manufacturing, so by considering how they collect, store and interpret data, manufacturers can use this resource to its full potential … read more

Improving Quality Control Using Artificial Intelligence

Like any sizable or complex manufacturing project attaining zero defects is technically not possible – but still desirable. That’s why Dimac is using Artificial Intelligence to learn from defects and improve quality control, as well as adding the technology to its latest generation inspection and sorting machines … read more

SuPAR Augmented Reality Interactive Inspection

At the CONTROL exhibition the SuPAR Augmented Reality Interactive Inspection solution is being presented. SuPAR Augmented Reality technology, developed by CDM Tech GmbH, allows users to perform faster and flawless quality inspection processes providing rapid inspection of production parts … read more

Renishaw Announce Substantial Revenue Increase

Renishaw has reported a substantial increase in revenue and profits for the first nine months of its 2022 financial year on good demand, leading to growth in all product lines. Renishaw recorded total revenue growth of 22% in the nine months to March 31 to £492.4 million from £407.4 million … read more

ZEISS Report Successful Half Year Financial Results

The positive trend continues at the ZEISS Group, which had a positive end to the first six months of fiscal year 2021/22 (ended 31 March 2022) that was significantly higher than the very good result seen in the previous year: revenue increased by 20% to 4.1 billion euros (prior year: 3.4 billion euros) … read more

Hexagon Report First Quarter Financial Results

Hexagon Group has reported operating net sales increased by 19 per cent to 1,163.4 MEUR (977.9). Using fixed exchange rates and a comparable group structure, net sales increased by 10 per cent. The Hexagon Industrial Enterprise Solutions division (IES), which includes metrology systems reported operating net sales amounted to 580.7 MEUR (475.3) … read more

Faro Technologies Report First Quarter Financial Results

Faro Technologies has reported its first quarter 2022 financial result. Total sales were $76.7 million, in line with the prior year period; software sales, of $10.3M or 13% of revenue remained in line with the prior year period. Net loss of $9.7 million was reported compared to $3.2 million in the prior year period … read more

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