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Mind The Gap!

At the recent CONTROL exhibition in Germany non-contact measurement manufacturer, Third Dimension, showcased its Vectro 2 system and demonstrated how manufacturers can easily integrate the Vectro2 sensor and software into operations automating measurement processes.

To encourage a wider discussion around integrating software with non-contact measurement tools, software experts from G2Metric France joined Third Dimension on the booth to showcase its CoPiloT software. The software, created in collaboration between G2Metric and Galixia, was built to adapt to a variety of applications across a manufacturing site integrating software with metrology devices to create an accurate and traceable measurement process while streamlining the data analysis process.

Third Dimension’s products are built to streamline gap and flush measurements in numerous industries including the automotive and white goods. Exhibited Vectro2 mounted on a Cobot automatically took measurements on a vehicle. Third Dimension had discussions with large automotive OEMs to better understand their production processes and specific requirements, such as limited downtime and high repeatability. The Vectro2 features a laser light feature which specifically improves the accuracy of measurements on complex reflective automotive surfaces.

“At Control, we have met so many new connections, rekindled existing relationships and learnt more about new upcoming technologies in the wider metrology industry,” explained Francois Froment, CEO at Third Dimension. “It was great to see Third Dimension being able to showcase its two most recent innovations that integrate the 14 different products we have showcased at past trade shows.”

The Third Dimension GapGun was also a focal point, with many visitors testing the hand-held non-contact measurement device. Discussions around how to connect it with software using Wi-Fi and testing the practicality of using the lightweight tool regularly on a factory floor were important learning points for a large number of visitors.

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