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InfinityQS Introduces Dedicated Proficient on Demand in Private-Cloud Environment

InfinityQS International has announced the availability of Dedicated ProFicient on Demand (PoD), a private-cloud version of its powerful cloud-based quality management software. As a unique and separate PoD system, Dedicated PoD supports greater levels of client flexibility and control, extended functionality and customizations, and minimized validation time and costs – making the subscription ideal for manufacturers in regulated industries or for those that require greater control over their software and its features.

Hosted in Microsoft Azure, PoD is a comprehensive, real-time quality management solution that helps manufacturers around the world improve products, reduce waste, maintain compliance, and gain the visibility to support enterprise-wide quality initiatives. While the standard version of PoD shares computing resources across multiple clients, a dedicated subscription provides an unshared pool of ProFicient application servers dedicated solely to one organization. Subscribers can then create a customized version of PoD that meets regulatory needs and satisfies unique company requirements.

Notably, Dedicated PoD subscribers can control the timing and extent of any software updates. While the standard version updates automatically, a Dedicated PoD system will remain unchanged until an update is requested.

Jim Frider, Senior Product Marketing Manager at InfinityQS, said, “This level of control is essential in industries subject to U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations—such as pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing—where manufacturers must validate and meticulously manage any changes to their quality software. With full control over updates, Dedicated PoD subscribers can schedule the accompanying validations on their own timeframes to save time, money, and effort.”

In additional, a Dedicated PoD subscription enables manufacturers to:

Add third-party software: Subscribers can integrate other third-party reporting or analytics software used by their company into the dedicated PoD environment. These custom integrations enable seamless information flow between PoD and other enterprise systems, ensuring consistent data formats, nomenclature, part numbers, and more.

Easily share reports: Active users can quickly and directly email PoD charts, graphs, and reports to essential non-user team members.

Extended charting capabilities and performance: Backed by additional computing power, Dedicated PoD offers users up to 100 charts per project, rather than the standard 20. Subscribers can also opt to add additional computing resources to enhance system performance and improve the user experience.

Customize timeouts: Customizable timeout settings prevent premature PoD workstation signoff, saving users valuable time on the busy plant floor.

Request specialized features: Dedicated PoD subscribers can modify existing features or add custom functionality for specific requirements. InfinityQS’ PoD Operations Team will work to bring these requests to life.

Dedicated PoD subscriptions also include user-favorite features introduced in the standard version. The dedicated version supports Single Sign-On (SSO), which is favored by many corporate IT departments for standardizing login processes across multiple software applications. PoD users can access the system using their existing corporate login credentials, saving time and effort.

Frider concluded, “The cloud has become a must in modern manufacturing, thanks to its speed, flexibility, and scalability. InfinityQS is dedicated to helping manufacturers move quality management off on-premises systems and into the cloud, completely transforming how they collect, analyze, and use their quality data to optimize products, processes, and operations. Now with the release of Dedicated PoD, every manufacturer in every industry can seize the opportunities of the cloud—without compromising control.”

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