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Automated Paint Repair System Provides Precise Quality Control

ISRA has introduced an automatic paint repair system for plastic and sheet metal parts.

The fully automated SSP system (Scan, Sand, Polish), developed by ISRA partner Accell GmbH, combines optical inspection using the leading-edge multi-mode LED technology of ISRA’s new PAINTSCAN compact sensor with sanding and polishing processes all in one cell.

The ISRA PaintScan surface inspection system reliably inspects painted components for all relevant paint defects and classifies them, even on a moving production line. Using a special camera/lighting combination, the system detects a wide range of surface defects such as dents, scratches, and inclusions. Multiple scans of the surface enable multiple defect images to be laid over one another, increasing robustness and reducing the number of pseudo defects (false positives) to an absolute minimum. The systems detects all topographical and non-topographical paint defects with precision in the micrometer range.

Following successful detection, PaintScan classifies all quality-related paint defects using tried-and-tested algorithms, preventing defective products from entering downstream processes. PaintScan can be retrofitted to existing production lines.

Defects in the painting process can be determined significantly earlier and repairs performed by a robot reduce the need for costly manual rework while at the same time increasing product quality and ensuring that this remains at a consistent level.

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