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Compact Video Microscope Provides Drastically Improved FOV For Inline Applications

Often used for research and inline manufacturing purposes, Mitutoyo microscopes and vision systems have been a cornerstone of the market for many years. Research and testing is something that is taken very seriously for good reason, and when something needs to be observed that is too small or fragile for other methods, this is where optics come in. Previously, there were two different Mitutoyo VMU series of video microscopes that have been regularly used throughout industries for this purpose, the VMU-V and the WIDE VMU-V. Each of these served its own purpose, one compact enough to set up more easily in an inline setup, and the other with a larger field of view. Now Mitutoyo is introducing its newest member, the WIDE VMU-HR.

The new microscope unit holds similarities to its predecessors, such as compact design and a wider field of view, but it also offers much more. Capable of being used with the HR series of high resolving power lenses, the VMU-HR has an increased pupil diameter of 16.8 mm. This combined with the standard LED adapter, its telecentric illumination is far greater than that of the previous models.

Even though the physical body is far closer to the design of the more compact VMU-V, it offers a FOV that is seven times greater. What this means for inline solutions is that when a large section of a manufactured part needs to be observed, this compact unit can be more easily fitted to pre-existing solutions. For systems that don’t use the C-mount industry standard, this particular unit can be swapped to an F-mount which is used for the APS-C sensor format.

Expected to hit the market during the second quarter of 2022 the new microscope unit stands to make a name for itself throughout different manufacturing sectors, making use of its compact design, greater FOV, and ability to use high resolution lenses on top of the already well-known M-Plan APO lenses from Mitutoyo.

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