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SuPAR Augmented Reality Interactive Inspection

At the CONTROL exhibition the SuPAR Augmented Reality Interactive Inspection solution is being presented. SuPAR Augmented Reality technology, developed by CDM Tech GmbH, allows users to perform faster and flawless quality inspection processes providing rapid inspection of production parts.

Augmented reality software for quality assurance provides actual/target comparison in real-time on the component, markerless overlay with model-based tracking system, a mobile and location independent inspection solution, and included digital logging during inspections. The system also allows the creation of interactive test plans / assembly instructions together with intuitive data preparation and error detection.

SuPAR Composer

For the augmented reality app, tracking geometry is automatically created from part CAD data. The elements to be tracked, shown or hidden from the assembly, can be defined in advance. With SuPAR the free/unlicensed Composer application can be used as a viewer allowing users to open the review report with CAD data and check the review results in 3D.


With the augmented reality tracking (image comparison in real time), an interactive inspection of the component is carried out with errors documented directly in 3D and saved for the SuPAR Viewer. An automatic Excel export includes error and photo image log.

CDM Tech GmbH from Fellbach, Germany is a dynamic and agile software company founded in 2016 with its main focus on Augmented Reality (AR) technology and artificial intelligence for industrial applications.

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