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Universal CMM Morphs Into Shaft Inspection Machine With Flexible Tailstock

ZEISS has added a tailstock to its PRISMO range of coordinate measuring machines. Exhibited at the recent CONTROL exhibition the Tailstock TS series provides for the clamping of ‘shaft-like’ measuring objects between centers providing deformation-free clamping. The Tailstock offers stable clamping while measuring objects without interfering with access to contours on the shaft ends allowing complete part measuring in one orientation set-up.

The new ZEISS Tailstock is available for the entire ZEISS PRISMO CMM family. In combination with the rotary table ZEISS RT-AB-600, a universal CMM becomes a flexible and specialized system for measuring cylindrical parts. The ZEISS TS Tailstock, is available in two variants: ZEISS TS-7 and ZEISS TS-10, perfectly aligned with the PRISMO CMM Z axis measuring ranges.

Easy Alignment and Verification

Due to the user-guided ZEISS TargetTool software the Tailstock alignment goes fast and easy using the CMM itself for the measurements. The Tailstock Stylus System, in combination with the Live-View, guides the operator through the alignment steps and visualizes the actual position of the tailstock centers for alignment.

Quick and easy assembly and disassembly of the Tailstock allow the full flexibility of the CMM to be retained for prismatic inspection activities. The CMM also recognises when the Tailstock is installed and restricts automatically the CMM measuring range for maximum safety.

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