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March 2023 Metrology News Magazine

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The latest Smart Manufacturing Report, published by Rockwell Automation, highlights several key findings related to the adoption and implementation of smart manufacturing initiatives among manufacturers. One of the main positive outcomes that manufacturers want to achieve from these initiatives is improving quality, with 45% citing this as their main objective. This suggests that quality remains a top priority for manufacturers, and that they see smart manufacturing as a way to achieve this goal.

However, the report also reveals that many manufacturers believe their organization lacks the technology needed to outpace the competition. In fact, twice as many manufacturers polled in the latest report believe this compared to the previous year. This suggests that there is a growing recognition of the importance of technology in staying competitive in the marketplace, and that many manufacturers feel that they are falling behind.

Another key finding of the report is that one-third of manufacturers state that the range of available systems and platforms is leading to ‘technology paralysis’. This refers to the difficulty that manufacturers face in choosing the right technology solutions for their needs. With so many options available, it can be challenging to evaluate and select the best solutions to meet their specific requirements.

To address these challenges, many software platforms and solutions are being developed to aid manufacturers in managing smart manufacturing. These solutions are designed to help manage the data generated by their operations, prevent and predict quality issues, and provide oversight and insights into production processes. As technology continues to evolve, it is likely that even more solutions will come to market to help manufacturers overcome the challenges of implementing smart manufacturing initiatives and stay competitive in the global marketplace.

Although smart manufacturing can offer advantages to companies of all sizes, it’s important to acknowledge that the level of implementation and the resulting benefits may differ based on the scale and complexity of a company’s operations. For small companies, adopting individual smart manufacturing solutions may be more feasible as they have fewer resources and processes to manage.

In March our editorial focus was the coordinate measuring machine (CMM) that has been a stalwart in manufacturing industry for over six decades, providing reliable and accurate automated quality control solutions. Despite the emergence of newer and smarter technologies in recent years, the CMM remains a popular choice among manufacturers for precise measurements of complex parts and assemblies. As manufacturing processes continue to evolve towards smarter quality control and process control solutions, the role of the CMM is also expected to shift. While it may not be the sole solution for automated quality control, the CMM will still play a crucial role in the overall quality control process. The CMM’s role is expected to transition from a primary quality control solution to a complementary tool in the smart manufacturing ecosystem.

March saw the release of a number of new and enhanced 3D measuring solution products, many incorporating artificial intelligence,  bringing ‘smart’ into measuring technologies. The complete library of over 80 February articles can be accessed by clicking here.

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Keith Mills – Publishing Editor

Keyence Launches Multisensor Measurement System

Keyence has launched its high-precision LM-X multisensor measuring solution offering optical, laser, and touch-probe measurements. The LM-X Series multisensor system provides high-accuracy measurement with simple button-press operation. There is no need for time-consuming part positioning or fixturing, and the system automatically detects and measures the position and orientation of the part … read more

Mixed Reality – Advancing Large-Scale 3D Metrology

Boasting high accuracy over large measurement ranges, laser trackers have earned their reputation as revolutionary process advances for large-scale 3D metrology for aerospace, ground transportation, energy, and naval manufacturing, among others. Optimizing laser trackers to improve efficiencies has included working with two operators, displaying geometries on measured pieces with external … read more

Laser Scanning Cell Revolutionizes Production CMM Inspection

In today’s manufacturing industry, high demands for precision and efficiency are driving the need for more automation, especially for time-consuming quality inspection and quality control processes. To help manufacturers keep up with these demands, API has been developing a series of flexible automation solutions that combine state-of-the-art measurement equipment with integration to the leading software and robotics platforms … read more

Fast Full-Field 3D Data Acquisition of Large Measuring Areas

With an ultra-bright laser light source and a large measuring area of up to 4 square meters, the new ZEISS ATOS LRX sensor delivers precise, full-field data in a short time. The ATOS LRX sensor captures up to 2 × 12 million coordinate points with just one scan. ZEISS ATOS LRX provides precise, full-field data with high resolution – even of complex geometries and freeform surfaces. The ultra-bright laser light source, in combination with the large measuring area … read more

The CMM’s Evolution into its Role In Smart Manufacturing

The Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) has become an essential tool in manufacturing industry, providing precise and accurate measurements of parts and products. The history of the CMM is a story of innovation and evolution, with a focus on improving accuracy and efficiency in the measurement process. In this article, we will take a look at the history, evolution and future of the CMM … read more

Dynamic 9D LADAR Offers Accurate Aircraft Inspection

As the aviation industry continues to evolve, the need for advanced technology to perform aircraft inspections becomes increasingly important. One such technology is non-contact scanning, which is becoming increasingly popular for full aircraft inspections. Given the extreme forces aircraft are subjected to during takeoff, flight, and landing, full aircraft inspections. Given the extreme forces aircraft are subjected to during takeoff … read more

Quality Inspection With Artificial Intelligence

It sounds so simple – with just a little effort and training, a neural network learns to identify quality requirements. Scratches, cracks, shape defects and other faults are detected reliably and without tiring. The respective products can then be sorted out before they will be sent to the customer or further processed. There is no doubt that automated, image-based quality control with artificial intelligence offers many advantages … read more

Automated Optical Inspection Versus Traditional Manual Inspection

Modern manufacturing is being revolutionized by automated optical inspection (AOI), a cutting-edge technology. AOI is a kind of automated inspection system that examines a range of products, including electronics, printed circuit boards, and medical devices. It does this by using cutting-edge image processing algorithms. To ensure that products satisfy quality requirements, AOI’s goal is to find flaws and anomalies in the production process … read more

Metrologic Group and Renishaw Collaborate To Offer Leading 3D Inspection Solutions

20 years after their first agreement, Renishaw and Metrologic Group have strengthened their collaboration by signing a new strategic agreement to meet new challenges faced by the manufacturing industry. Customers will benefit from Renishaw’s REVO 5-axis CMM scanning systems, PH20 5-axis touch-trigger systems and the Equator shopfloor gauging system, powered by Metrologic’s X4 software platform … read more

Model-Based Characteristics Standard To Enable Measurement Results Traceable To CAD Model

As the DMSC Model-Based Characteristics (MBC) Working Group puts the finishing touches on a new, proposed American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Standard document, preparations are being made to follow the required procedures for submitting the proposed standard to ANSI. DMSC is re-forming the Standards Committee to meet this objective. The next step in the process is a final review and approval by the Standards Committee … read more

Bugatti Metrology – A Balance Between Precision and Perfection

Every hyper sports car from Bugatti is created with a commitment to absolute perfection. At the interface between production and quality, one specialist assures compliance with tolerances measured in the hundredths of millimeters to ensure a Bugatti hyper sports car performs at its very best, even when subjected to the extreme forces and speeds that it is uniquely capable of. No two cars created by the French luxury Bugatti brand are the same … read more

CMM Checking Gauge Allows Inspection Accuracy Verification

A new range of UKAS-certified length and form artefacts complete with holding fixture has been introduced by coordinate measuring machine (CMM) manufacturer LK Metrology, allowing the inspection accuracy of any 3D measuring platform to be verified. A user can therefore have greater confidence in the results of an inspection, whether for metrology or reverse engineering, long after the typical annual calibration … read more

Wenzel Brings Sustainability To CMMs With Its EcoLine Series

As a family-owned company, WENZEL has been thinking long-term and across generations since its founding 55 years ago. “We want to make things better through our actions and then pass them on to our descendants.” This applies to the company just as much as it does to the environment. But how can this spirit be transferred to innovative products? … read more

Third Dimension Launches Sensor For High Precision Measurement

Third Dimension, manufacturers of the GapGun and Vectro precision-measurement tools, have extended their T-series line of measurement sensor with the new T15. With its optimised field of view and high flexibility of use, the T15 sensor offers the perfect measurement tool for manufacturing. The T15 sensor is compatible with both … read more

Portable Arm Scanner Supplies a Soft Touch To Aircraft Seating Inspection

Geven, renowned supplier of aircraft seating has enhanced it control and assembly production phases by opting for a Kreon Ace measuring arm complete with 3D laser scanner. In its search for solutions to speed up controls, Geven turned to Kreon with the performance of the products and the skill of the Kreon technicians decisive in its choice … read more

Metrology Drives Performance at Livernois Motorsports & Engineering

Livernois Motorsports & Engineering, Dearborn Heights, MI, provides engineering services, performance products, and niche vehicle design and manufacturing to the OEM and aftermarket automotive industry. Throughout the process of providing custom manufactured performance parts, service, and tuning, Livernois combines traditional experience and know-how with advanced measurement solutions from Verisurf Software … read more

Metrology: Automation’s Unsung Hero

As manufacturers lean more and more into automation, the only way to measure the success of their efforts is with measurement. Investments in metrology, like other forms of automation, contribute to the overall efficiency. When contemplating automation, it is easy to envision a robot moving material from point A to point B, parts coming out of a machine and being ferried by conveyors to the next step … read more

AR Accelerates Sorting Processes

The solution is right there in front of your eyes! ARRANGE software in combination with augmented reality (AR) glasses provides digital support for sorting processes. Employees on the production line see components that belong together overlaid in color directly in their field of vision. The innovative solution from Fraunhofer IGD … read more

3D Scanning Aids Robotic Removal of AM Part Supports

The use of metal additive manufacturing (AM) has revolutionized the manufacturing industry, allowing for the creation of complex and intricate parts in a faster and more cost-effective manner. However, essential post-processing of these parts introduces time and financial constraints to the overall cost-per-part that can negate the benefits of … read more

Reverse Engineering Using Hand-Held 3D Scanning

For over 60 years, Hidrostal has been manufacturing high-quality, low-maintenance pumps, ranging from small, portable pumps for construction sites and flooded basements to ten-ton wastewater and thick matter pumps. Hidrostal has been using optical measuring systems for more than 15 years. In the past, a 3D scanner with structured light … read more

Smart Manufacturing Key To Tomorrow’s Advanced Vehicles

Automakers are under more pressure than ever as the automotive and transportation industries continue to transform at a rapid pace. Technology advancements, such as automated driving systems, 5G connectivity, and electrified powertrains, are transforming the cars we know into more sustainable, accessible, and convenient transportation machines. At the same time, increasingly strong emissions and sustainability directives for vehicles … read more

Vanti Introduces AI-Powered Predictive Quality Platform

Vanti has announced the introduction of its AI-powered Predictive Quality platform for adaptive industrial applications at the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2023. The platform uses machine learning and data analytics to predict and prevent quality issues, enabling manufacturers to avoid costly quality issues before they appear … read more

State of Smart Manufacturing Study Released

Rockwell Automation, the world’s largest company dedicated to industrial automation and digital transformation, has announced the results of the 8th annual ‘State of Smart Manufacturing Report.’ The global study surveyed more than 1,350 manufacturers across 13 of the leading manufacturing countries. This year’s report reveals a focus on delivering profitable growth without sacrificing quality, an emphasis on accessing data’s true potential … read more

Revolutionary New Dimension of BMW iFACTORY

BMW Group has taken factory planning to new heights – setting the latest milestone in the digitalisation of automotive manufacturing. More than two years before the official launch of series production, vehicle manufacturing is already underway in the future plant Debrecen – virtually, at least, as Debrecen is the BMW Group’s first facility to be planned and validated completely virtually … read more


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