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Keyence Launches Multisensor Measurement System

Keyence has launched its high-precision LM-X multisensor measuring solution offering optical, laser, and touch-probe measurements in a single compact unit.

The Keyence LM-X Series multisensor measurement system provides high-accuracy measurement with simple button-press operation. There is no need for time-consuming part positioning or fixturing. The system automatically detects and measures the position and orientation of the part, regardless of where it is placed on the stage. The system can be easily set up and used allowing anyone to obtain highly accurate measurements and inspection reports.

Taking ‘Place-and-Press Measurement’ To The Next Level

High-accuracy measurement can be performed easily just by placing the part on the stage and pressing a button. Three measurement methods are available: high-accuracy image measurement, non-contact height measurement via a multi-colour laser, and contact measurement via a 3D touch probe. The LM-X series drastically reduces the dimensional measurement time of complex parts and ensures accurate measurements with no variations between results obtained by different operators.

Optically-challenging part features can be measured with the built-in low-pressure touch probe, enabling 3D inspection of three-dimensional parts. High-accuracy optical image measurement is achieved with the ultra-high resolution 20-megapixel CMOS sensor, with high-resolution double telecentric lens, which enables reliable edge detection and clear capturing of measurement locations down to the smallest detail with a repeatability of ±0.1 µm. The programmable ring-illumination unit integrates multiple ring illumination functions into a single unit which allows for accurate and stable measurement by selecting the appropriate illumination for the measurement location and part.

Multi-color laser, using a white confocal laser for high-accuracy height measurement, at multiple locations, at speeds that are faster than with conventional microscope and video inspection equipment for both height and depth measurements.

No Time-consuming Positioning or Coordinate System Required

The location and orientation of parts placed on the stage are automatically detected. This eliminates the need for conventional labour-intensive positioning, creating coordinates, and preparing fixturing. Fast, simultaneous measurement is possible even when multiple parts are placed on the measuring stage.

Large Low-Vibration Stage for High-Speed Measurement

The measuring stage has a maximum measuring area of 175 mm × 325 mm and a working height of 75 mm. The system design reduces the friction. between the motor and feed screws as much as possible, allowing for quick and stable measurement without having to clamp the part(s) in place. The system can measure up to 5000 part locations on up to 1000 parts.

The LM-X system case features a built-in temperature sensor that allows the system to be installed outside of a specialized temperature controlled inspection room. The system uses temperature compensation to nullify the effects of the surrounding environment, eliminating the need for a regulated environment.

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