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Fast Full-Field Large Measuring Areas 3D Data Acquisition

With an ultra-bright laser light source and a large measuring area of up to 4 square meters, the new ZEISS ATOS LRX sensor delivers precise, full-field data in a short time. The ATOS LRX sensor captures up to 2 × 12 million coordinate points with just one scan.

Fast Digitization With High-Resolution Data

ZEISS ATOS LRX provides precise, full-field data with high resolution – even of complex geometries and freeform surfaces. The ultra-bright laser light source, in combination with the large measuring area, reduces the number of scans required. The sensor is designed for industrial applications with the robust sensor housing protecting against dust and water splash allowing it to work reliably and precisely even in harsh production environments. In addition the system self monitors its calibration status.

The integrated laser light compressor bundles several laser sources and generates a very bright light which can illuminate the entire measuring area of up to four square meters at short exposure times speeding up the 3D scan process.

Dynamic Radar Based Operator Safety

The ZEISS ATOS LRX offers maximum operator safety when in manual use despite the laser light. An integrated sensor monitors the safety distance to the user via radar and reduces the luminous intensity as necessary. The resulting assignment to the uncritical laser protection class 2 allows the system to be operated without any further protective measures.

HyperScale – Recalibration Without Delay

The ATOS LRX new HyperScale software function is designed for very fast on-site calibration. Sensor calibration is completed with just one single measurement of a DAkkS-certified length standard.

All-In-One Software

Scanning, inspection, and reporting is provided in the single ZEISS ATOS LRX software which is managed by ZEISS Quality Suite. The software supports 3D scanning and inspection processes by providing detailed analyses and reporting functions. ZEISS ATOS LRX supports interactive features such as touch probe measurements, live tracking, and back projection. The sensor can be controlled either by computer or remote control.

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