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Laser Scanning Cell Revolutionizes Production CMM Inspection

Manufacturing industry today requires greater precision and efficiency, leading to a growing need for automation, particularly in time-consuming quality inspection and control processes. To assist manufacturers in meeting these demands, API has developed a range of adaptable automation solutions that incorporate advanced measurement equipment with integration to leading robotics and software platforms, catering to diverse industry needs.

A ground-breaking development, for example, aims to transform 3D inspections on the shop floor, using a Dynamic 9D LADAR system mounted on a vertical riser in an automation cell. By integrating with a rotary station and the vertical positioning mechanism, it enables full six-axis motion, delivering numerous measurement advantages, including enhanced accuracy, speed, and cost-effectiveness.

One of the most significant advantages of the API Dynamic 9D LADAR is its iVision system. This system allows for easy point-click-and-measure checks, which enables the cell to quickly give results in a manual mode. This system eliminates the need for robotic teach pendants, which in turn reduces programming time by over 60%. This means that manufacturers can significantly reduce the time and resources required to program the automation cell, which results in faster production and lower costs.

Additionally, in a 7500mm cell, the LD8 (8 meter LADAR range) eliminates cumbersome robotic movements, which contributes to its high accuracy. With CMM accuracy and absolute accuracy for shop floor or in-process metrology, manufacturers can be assured of high precision measurements that meet their specific requirements. The system accuracy is critical in industries such as aerospace and medical, where precision is of utmost importance.

Furthermore, the fully-enabled 6 axis motion allows manufacturers to perform inspections and measurements from all angles, which can help to identify potential issues that may be missed using other methods. This feature also contributes to the speed and efficiency of the cell, allowing manufacturers to produce products faster without sacrificing accuracy. And 9D LADAR’s ability to capture 20,000 points per second and perform tooling ball tie-in without needing to re-home after each measurement creates an automated setup that is more than 20x faster than traditional laser radar systems.

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