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Metrologic Group and Renishaw Collaborate To Offer Leading 3D Inspection Solutions

20 years after their first agreement, Renishaw and Metrologic Group have strengthened their collaboration by signing a new strategic agreement to meet new challenges faced by the manufacturing industry. Customers will benefit from Renishaw’s REVO 5-axis CMM scanning systems, PH20 5-axis touch-trigger systems and the Equator shopfloor gauging system, powered by Metrologic’s X4 software platform. This will provide full integration of world-class metrology solutions with the X4 software platform.

Covering the entire manufacturing chain and bringing its expertise to 5-axis technology applications and the Equator gauging system, Metrologic Group is introducing new developments to its unique universal software platform to power Renishaw’s products with an easy-to-use, intuitive, and ergonomic solution.

This win-win association allows the end-user to bring 3D measurement close to the production line with the perfect combination of Metrolog X4 and Renishaw’s Equator system. Also, thanks to 5-axis technology combined with the ease of programming of Metrologic Group software, manufacturers can increase their CMM productivity at unmatched measurement speed, improve part quality, and reduce scrap.

“We are committed to working with our customers to improve their productivity and bring 3D metrology closer to the manufacturing line. As such, I am convinced that combining Renishaw 5-axis technologies together with the Metrologic Group software solution represents a key step in that journey,” commented Laurent Monge, President of Metrologic Group.

“The integration of Renishaw’s industry-leading measurement technologies with Metrolog X4 will allow both existing and new users of Metrolog software to reap the benefits of accurate, high-speed, multi-sensor CMM measurement and fast flexible shopfloor gauging. This combination of technologies from Metrologic and Renishaw will enable significantly faster, value-added measurement for both process control at the point of manufacture and conventional quality assurance activities,” explained Victor Escobar, President of Renishaw France.

Metrologic Group and Renishaw have a longstanding relationship, and this newly signed agreement will enable cross-company collaborations and commercialisation, and ensure customers have access to a fully bundled and proven solution.

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