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June 2021 Metrology News Magazine

Editors Message:

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So here we are arriving at the half-way point of 2021 with the world remaining semi-shutdown by the pandemic and both international business and leisure travel remaining difficult and with physical events, including trade-shows and conferences, still embargoed in many countries.

Light does appear to be finally at the ‘end of the tunnel’ with the vaccine roll-out successes along with declining case rates. It would also appear that the manufacturing sector has come through the pandemic relatively intact, albeit many company’s have significant financial rebuilding to perform such has been the cost impact of the pandemic over the past eighteen months. Recent statistics coming out of Manufacturing Technology Associations present data showing that manufacturing equipment investments are once again on the rise as we head into the second half of what remains a difficult year for us all. It does appear we will once again be networking while walking the floors of exhibitions again in coming months.

A dearth of new technologies, hardware and software, came to market within the month clearly demonstrating the continuing focus on 3D scanning and the presentation of the generated point clouds into actionable data formats providing collaborative digital twin platforms. The role of these portable measurement and scanning solutions is increasing as we incessantly march towards digitization and smart manufacturing in whatever field. We feature a number of these new products alongside associated stories in this month’s newsletter.

We also highlighted this month the continuing role of integrated metrology within new automotive manufacturing plants coming on-stream showcasing their implemented measurement solutions.

Featured topic articles in June included ‘Role of Portable Measurement in Smart Factories’, ‘Metrology – Fuelling Industry 4.0 Data Driven Production’, ‘Consortium to Drive Digital Twin Consistency’, ‘Precision Metrology’s Increasing Role in EV Gear Manufacturing’. Some 90 articles were published in the month and we highlight below in this month’s magazine selected published articles from the month. The complete library of June articles can be accessed by clicking here.

As usual I welcome your comments, news and views along with suggested guest articles for publication – my inbox is always open.

Keith Mills – Publishing Editor

Role of Portable Measurement in Smart Factories

Portable measuring equipment has had a meteoric rise in its role supporting the various aspects of manufacturing over past decades including the applications of reverse engineering, prototype part inspection, low volume production measurements, tooling and fixture inspection and alignment, interrogation of product quality issues and many others … read more

Metrology – Fuelling Industry 4.0 Data Driven Production

When looking at the place of metrology in the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution,’ it is interesting to ponder whether industry 4.0 is being driven by developments in metrology or metrology developments are being driven by Industry 4.0. Today’s most sophisticated metrology systems drive quality assurance (QA) which has become a fundamental digital … read more

Advanced Metrology Technology Drives Jeep Plant Quality

The all-new 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L is built at the new Detroit Assembly Complex – Mack plant, the city’s first new manufacturing facility in three decades. Stellantis invested $1.6 billion to build an 800,000-square-foot paint shop and convert the two original Mack Avenue engine plants into an entirely new … read more

Automated Photogrammetry – Vehicle Production’s VAR

In football, one centimetre can make the difference between a goal on the scoreboard or an offside called. With the implementation of the Video Assistant Referee (VAR), it’s now possible to improve the level of accuracy when it comes to analysing those centimetres of legality … read more

Composite Aircraft Component Inspection By Robot Takes Off

As a leading supplier of components for the aircraft industry, GKN Aerospace produces aircraft parts exclusively from carbon-fiber composite materials at its Munich plant. Aircraft components are safety-relevant, so they are subject to the strictest quality requirements. GKN subjects 100% of the parts to an ultrasonic inspection in order to … read more

Agreement between InnovMetric and Renishaw Announced

Renishaw has announced a sales distribution agreement with InnovMetric Software Inc. for its PolyWorks software suite, including PolyWorks Inspector and Polyworks Modeler. PolyWorks|Inspector is a universal 3D dimensional analysis and quality control software solution to control tool and part dimensions, diagnose and prevent manufacturing and assembly issues, guide assembly building through … read more

Consortium To Drive Digital Twin Technology Consistency

“Digital Twin” has been listed as an emerging technology during past years and more and more companies offer Digital Twin as part of a foundation for their digital offerings. However, there has not been consensus on what a Digital Twin is and what characteristics it should have … read more

Digital Twin Platform Announces 200 Million Square Metres of Laser Scans Milestone

Cintoo Cloud continues to bridge the gap between Reality Capture and Digital Twins as it hits one million laser scans uploaded to its platform, demonstrating the demand from businesses for cloud-based technology to drive more efficient and collaborative ways of working. BIM, construction and Industry 4.0 organisations are recognising the time, … read more

Mech-Eye Laser 3D Camera Empowers AI-Defined Robotics

Chinese AI industrial robotics startup, Mech-Mind Robotics (Mech-Mind), has launched its next-generation Mech-Eye Laser Industrial 3D Camera which overcomes ambient light interference, greatly optimizing the operational capacity of industrial robotics. Industrial 3D cameras are playing an essential role in modern manufacturing but ambient light interference can diminish their ability to acquire … read more

Optical Measurement of Orthopedic Implants Using Focus Variation

Orthopedic implants are among the most important medical innovations of our time. They improve the quality of life for people of all ages. New metrological requirements for orthopedic implants are being met with the use of high-resolution optical 3D metrology. Maximum precision is the top priority in the production of all … read more

ZEISS Introduces Entry-Level CT Solution

With ZEISS METROTOM 1, ZEISS is introducing an entry-level solution for the non-destructive inspection of parts. This compact computed tomography system delivers precise results, but is nevertheless easy to operate. Many companies have already come to value the advantages of non-destructive inspection. However, small- and medium-sized companies “often view computed tomography … read more

Robotic 3D Scanning Smart Cell Extends Measuring Performance

Gantry Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) have been extensively used throughout manufacturing industry to support the precision inspection of large parts in the aerospace, construction and agricultural equipment, die and mold. military and heavy fabrication industries. With the rise of 3D scanning, and its migration from hand-held to the application of … read more

XYZ Reality Provides Engineering Grade AR to Display Real Time Errors

UK based XYZ Reality has raised £20m ($28m) in funding as part of its efforts to radically transform the construction sector through the use of its engineering grade augmented reality (AR) called Holosite. XYZ Reality’s HoloSite is the world’s first engineering grade augmented reality solution that enables construction management to view … read more

One Billion Points Streamed in AR

ShipReality and Holo-Light have showcased the first holographic visualisation of ultra large ship 3D laser scans merged with complex CAD design data, using the most advanced XR streaming technology available. Ships regularly undergo large-scale retrofits, but shipowners rarely have design data in digital form at hand … read more

Reality Cloud Platform Makes Teleportation and Real-Time Reality Sharing Possible

A new platform, launched by Varjo, will enable virtual teleportation for the first time by allowing anybody to 3D scan their surroundings using a Varjo XR-3 headset and transport another person to that same exact physical reality, completely bridging the real and the virtual in true-to-life visual fidelity … read more

Corning Join Laser Scanning for Augmented Reality Alliance

Corning Incorporated has announced it has joined the newly established Laser Scanning for Augmented Reality (LaSAR) Alliance. The LaSAR Alliance is the newest member program of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Industry Standards and Technology Organization, an international federation of leading industry groups dedicated to the advancement and promotion … read more

3D Point Cloud Software for Industrial Facilities Scanning

3D scanning is becoming more and more important and is now an integral tool in the construction process with many manufacturers call on service providers for retrofit or revamping work. 3D scanning is fascinating and at the same time a little frustrating. Fascinating because billions of points are captured in record … read more

NDT 4.0 – Automated Interpretation of Industrial X-ray Images

With digital X-ray detectors and highly automated inspection systems, manufacturers can significantly optimize their quality control and assurance processes. However, due to the higher throughput of parts, the evaluation and interpretation of X-ray images can become an expensive bottleneck. Advanced technologies such as automated defect detection (ADR) and artificial intelligence (AI) … read more

Precision Metrology’s Increasing Role in EV Gear Manufacturing

It has become abundantly clear that not only are electric vehicles (EVs) becoming more prevalent on the roads but that almost all automotive companies are announcing plans where EVs will eventually dominate their product portfolio. As the shift from internal combustion (IC) to electric continues, the number of drivetrain components … read more

Upgrades to Gear Metrology Workhorses Meet Latest EV Development Requirements

With upwards of 70 million Electric and Hybrid Vehicles (EVs) predicted to be in operation by year 2030, automotive OEMs and their suppliers are racing to develop the next generation of more efficient and affordable electric cars, trucks and buses. Delta Research, a Livonia, Michigan producer of high-precision gears, gearboxes and … read more

Blue Laser Technology Improves On-Machine Tool Measurement Solutions

Renishaw has announced that it will showcase its second-generation NC4+ Blue non-contact tool setting solution at EMO Milano 2021 (4th – 9th October 2021). The new system will be one of many smart factory process control solutions demonstrated by Renishaw, which are proven to help machine shops across many industries transform … read more

Still Precisely Measuring After 80 Years

The most beautiful nostalgic equipment in the metal working industry – that was the aim for the photo contest of the Dutch consultancy organization P.K.M. Not just the picture itself, but also the story behind it was taken into account. The contestants sent pictures of all sorts of equipment: and old … read more

CMM Integration Series Increases Measurement Productivity

The Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) is changing its role in manufacturing with it transitioning from quality lab to direct front-line manufacturing support.  ZEISS has newly introduced its CMM Integration Series to integrate quality assurance and optimizes processes to increases measurement productivity. The Integration Series solutions provide loading system, integration and CMM … read more

Cost Optimized Horizontal Arm CMM Range Launched

To supplement its super-high-accuracy HC-90 ceramic horizontal arm coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), UK manufacturer LK Metrology, has introduced three additional models of technically advanced design based on an aluminum construction. The new models of horizontal arm CMMs provide users with multiple affordable alternatives for dimensional inspection of large components typically … read more

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