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AM Quality Assurance Company Recognized for Additive Manufacturing Measurement and Analysis

Sigma Labs,  a developer of quality assurance software to the commercial 3D metal printing industry, has been recognized at the recent American Society of Mechanical Engineers’ AM Tech Forum, as the winner of the Best-in-Class Innovation Award for Additive Manufacturing Measurement and Analysis.

Approximately 40 demonstration videos covering five technology categories were submitted to the judging panel. Sigma Labs’ entry showcased the latest release of the PrintRite3D monitoring solution including features that make it easier to find anomalies in process data, as well as production fleet optionality with machine-to-machine qualifications, and multi-laser system support.

The full list of all award winners can be viewed here.

According to Lauralyn McDaniel, ASME’s Industry Events Manager, “Winners were chosen based on multiple criteria including impact on speed, cost, and quality; range of potential use across applications and industries; level of innovation—from an improvement to a game changer; and how likely they would purchase. By combining scores of a diverse judging panel of AM industry experts in medical devices, aerospace, automotive, energy, consumer goods and other sectors, with ratings from the audience, winners were announced in five categories”:

Machines & Processes | Materials | Software | Measurement & Analysis | Startup

Mark Ruport, President and CEO of Sigma Labs, stated, “Our entire company is thrilled to have won the best-in-class innovation award for measurement and analysis. It is gratifying to be recognized for the work we are doing – along with our partners and standards organizations – to improve quality and accelerate the growth and prosperity of the additive manufacturing industry. Most importantly, this achievement was a total team effort.”

Sigma Lab’s PrintRite3D is an interactive in-process quality assurance system that combines inspection, feedback, data collection and critical analysis. It is a platform-independent solution that can be installed as a retrofit to an existing machine or requested as a factory option from your printer manufacturer.

Through its breakthrough innovation and careful attention to the unique requirements of the additive manufacturing industry, PrintRite3D provides a high-fidelity, accurate system that can confidently scale to multi-laser in dual and quad laser systems focused on closed-loop control.

The PrintRite3D system quickly discovers potential anomalies and incorporates machine learning in conjunction with developed metrics to map those metrics to the post-process data. This gives you the ability to reduce post-production testing and costs, while creating a certification framework that serves the needs of end-users, printer manufacturers, and standards organizations.

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