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3D Point Cloud Software for Industrial Facilities Scanning

3D scanning is becoming more and more important and is now an integral tool in the construction process with many manufacturers call on service providers for retrofit or revamping work.

3D scanning is fascinating and at the same time a little frustrating. Fascinating because billions of points are captured in record time, revealing all the geometry of structures, pipes, and equipment. Frustrating because even simplified 3D point clouds remain heavy, difficult to manipulate and interpret requiring a complete 3D modeling. 3D point clouds have long been considered as data for specialists only.

The user becomes limited to a viewer, online or on physical support, which does not allow him to start his technical studies, and must wait therefor for a time-consuming 3D model to be created.

ScanSap 3D Point Cloud Software addresses this issue by enabling users to efficiently use point clouds as soon as they are registered, and to obtain targeted modeling in a short time. ScanSap is a bridge between 3D surveys and the typical CAD / BIM tools.

To achieve this result, ScanSap developer, TagLab set itself an ambitious challenge in order make navigation in massive point clouds smooth on average CAD configurations, propose an intuitive operation for non 3D specialists, offer functionalities adapted to complex environments, and to make the 3D point clouds a dynamic, multi-use material, capable of following the life of the facilities.

ScanSap embeds the world’s first 3D point cloud engine based on Vulkan®, the successor to OpenGL®. The fluidity obtained is stated as unmatched. ScanSap offers exclusive functions of clipping, measurements, annotations, and pipe detection, as well as a tree structure adapted to the functional hierarchy of the facilities.

Modeling Management

ScanSap solves one of the main problems in 3D laser scanning by ensuring that modelers only model what is necessary for the project, and with the right degree of precision. ScanSap is a real 3D modeling guide and puts an end to over-modeled and unsuitable models.

French based developer, TagLabs, founder Yan Kroch has spent nearly 20 years working in the 3D scanning field on complex industrial installations.

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