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Reality Cloud Platform Makes Teleportation and Real-Time Reality Sharing Possible

A new platform, launched by Varjo, will enable virtual teleportation for the first time by allowing anybody to 3D scan their surroundings using a Varjo XR-3 headset and transport another person to that same exact physical reality, completely bridging the real and the virtual in true-to-life visual fidelity. This real-time reality sharing will usher in a new era in universal collaboration and pave the way for a metaverse of the future, transforming the way people work and interact.

Share Your Surroundings in 3D – In Real-Time

With Varjo Reality Cloud, combined with a Varjo XR-3 headset, anybody will be able to capture their surroundings in 3D and then invite somebody else to join that same exact reality, see and hear others, and share their experience in absolute immersion.

“Instead of jumping on a plane, you will be able to teleport to any location and back instantly, making your actual physical location completely irrelevant. It won’t just be a simple hologram of an object or a static reality capture; we’re talking about a fully immersive, photorealistic real-time 3D stream, all the way down to the last pixel. And what’s best, you’ll be able to edit and modify the shared 3D reality together as you would edit a photo or a video” commented the company.

With the Lidar scanners embedded on the Varjo XR-3 headset, users can capture a true-to-life 3D scan of their location, complete with full-color photorealistic texturing and share that with other people with Varjo headsets. Eventually, you’ll be able to tap into the Varjo Reality Cloud with any device, including other VR headsets, computers, smartphones, and tablets.

The metaverse is grounded in reality scaling faster and more naturally than a pre-rendered metaverse. Users will be able to create a shared metaverse just by looking around and doing a real-time 3D scan of the places that are the most meaningful from their own physical surroundings, all connected together and shared with the people they choose.

“We believe that Varjo’s vision for the metaverse will elevate humanity during the next decade more than any other technology in the world,” said Timo Toikkanen, CEO of Varjo. “What we’re building with our vision for the Varjo Reality Cloud will release our physical reality from the laws of physics. The programmable world that once existed only behind our screens can now merge with our surrounding reality – forever changing the choreography of everyday life.”

For the past five years, Varjo has been building and perfecting the foundational technologies needed to bring its Varjo Reality Cloud platform to market such as human-eye resolution, low-latency video pass-through, integrated eye tracking and the LiDAR ability of the company’s mixed reality headset. As the only company having already delivered these building block technologies in market-ready products, Varjo is uniquely positioned to combine them with Varjo Reality Cloud to empower users to enjoy the scale and flexibility of virtual computing in the cloud without compromising performance or quality.

Using Varjo’s proprietary foveated transport algorithm, users will be able to stream the real-time human-eye resolution, wide-field-of-view 3D video feed in single megabytes per second to any device. This ability to share, collaborate in and edit one’s environment with other people makes human connection more real and efficient than ever before, eliminating the restrictions of time and place completely.

To further accelerate bringing the vision for Varjo Reality Cloud to life, Varjo has also announced the acquisition of Dimension10, a Norwegian software company that pioneers industrial 3D collaboration. Their virtual meeting suite is designed for architecture, engineering and construction teams and will become a critical component to making virtual collaboration possible within Varjo Reality Cloud.

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